Even After Manifest Season 4, THIS Still Doesn’t Make Sense

Now available in Netflix’s Brazilian catalog, Manifest season 4 should answer some of the series’ biggest mysteries. However, the new episodes did not clarify a very important question: what happened to the rear of the 828? To this day, the plot still doesn’t make sense.

“As the date of death approaches and the passengers are desperate for a path to survival, a mysterious passenger arrives with a package for Cal that changes everything they know about Flight 828,” states the official synopsis of the 4th edition. Manifest season.

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Created by Jeff Rake, Manifest stars Melissa Roxburgh (Star Trek Beyond), Josh Dallas (Once Upon a Time), Athena Karkanis (House of Cards), JJ Ramirez (Arrow) and other stars in the main cast.

Below we reveal everything Manifest fans need to know about the mystery behind the 828’s back and why the plot doesn’t make sense; check out. (via ScreenRant🇧🇷

The Big Mystery of the Back of the 828 in Manifest

The rear of Flight 828 remains shrouded in mystery in Manifest’s plot. It’s worth remembering that the tail of the plane is found in the ocean at the end of season 2.

That’s why Ben develops the theory that a “higher power” rescued the plane. With the events of the fourth year, the passengers confirm that the 828 went into “divine consciousness” – where it remained for 5 years.

The explanation reveals the fact that the passengers did not age during this period. However, it fails to reveal how the tail ended up in the ocean, which remains a great mystery.

One of the most interesting theories states that the flight was not destroyed once, but on two different occasions. In other words: Manifest would be a story about parallel universes.

For a long time, many fans believed that Flight 828 that landed in 2018 actually came from a parallel reality. That said, the theory isn’t encompassed in the Season 4 explanations.

With the discovery of the role of “divine consciousness” in the fate of Flight 828, explanations about the plane’s tail start to make no sense. In its final stretch, Manifest seems to exchange the characteristic sci-fi atmosphere for a much more religious perspective.

So, as Manifest approaches its final episodes, the series hints that Ben’s theory was (partially) correct.

Apparently, Manifest will use concepts of “God” and “superior intelligence” to wrap up its plot and unravel once and for all the mysteries of Flight 828.

Resolution, on the other hand, can raise more questions than answers—especially if it confirms the necessity of death for entry into divine consciousness.

Manifest, with its 4 seasons, is available on Netflix🇧🇷

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