Evelyne Dhéliat: her perfect look-alike spotted on TF1 … Internet users in turmoil!

For several decades, Evelyne Dhéliat has distinguished herself on the first channel: presenting the weather forecast is her hobby! At 74, the main interested party does not want to retire. “ I love it, I’m delighted to be here, because presenting the weather forecast is a real job. Not a springboard for anything else! And I hope to stay there for a long time”, she confided to TVMagazine. Distraught about global warming, she refuses to use certain terms on the air.

“There are words, not that I no longer use, but that I never use. It is for example: ‘the good weather’. Because the sun, for some, it’s good weather, but for others – and I think especially with this drought, farmers, breeders for animals… – for a good part of the economy, this n It’s not good weather, it’s bad weather”revealed the widow of Philippe Maraninchi for FranceInfo. Same story when the sun is not there.

“Looks like mother and daughter…”

“I say: ‘very sunny day in such a region with rain’, yes that’s it. Even when you need rain, to say that you have to take it on the bright side, even if it’s during the weekend and that’s super important. And I think we’re feeling it more and more elsewhere.” clarified the ex-colleague of Catherine Laborde to our colleagues. On October 17, Evelyne Dhéliat had the merit of making the buzz with her colleague Garance Pardigon.

In fact, the journalist TF1 relayed a nice shot of their duo on Instagram. Facing the camera, the two women pose all smiles with an almost similar colorful outfit. Just like their haircut and make-up. A stunning portrait in the eyes of Internet users: “Magnificent, it looks like mother and daughter”, “You look so much alike”, “You are both very beautiful”. Adorable comments that certainly delighted the main concerned!


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