Evelyn Beltrán’s message after learning of the alleged kiss between Toni Costa and Daniella Navarro

A few days until the grand finale of “The House of Celebrities 2“, and with finalists definedromances, like the one in Daniella Navarro and Nacho Casanoas well as other disturbing revelations, begin to see the light.

Precisely, one of the ones that has caused the most impact is the one made a few days ago by the host of Hoy, Adamari Lopezwho accused Toni Costa of kissing Daniella Navarro.

Although the Puerto Rican driver refused to give more details of what her ex-boyfriend would have done, if what Adamari mentioned was true, Toni Costa would have been unfaithful to her current partner, Evelyn Beltran.


Throughout the participation of Tony Costa in the Telemundo reality showEvelyn Beltrán has been proud of her boyfriend, campaigning on his social networks, where he accumulates 246 thousand followers, and dedicating tender messages to him.

In the same way, and despite the distance, the Spaniard managed to send presents to his partner and declare his love.

For this reason, the Texan influencer did not hesitate to refer to the alleged infidelity of the Spanish dancer in a publication on her Instagram account.

My love, people can destroy your image and stain your personality, but they cannot take away your good deeds, because no matter how they describe you, you will still be admired by those who really know you best.”, began Beltran.

In the same way, “the bug” showed his admiration for the Zumba instructor and his conduct on the show.

We got to know you more than ever these 84 days at a show where you are recorded 24/7. We met the great partner, great man, great friend, great father, great boyfriend and great player“, he pointed.

In addition, the 27-year-old influencer highlighted the effort that Costa makes by participating in the reality show and not being close to her daughter Alaïa. “I admire you because it is not easy to stop seeing the people you love the most and less your princess, who gives her life for her”, he added.

I feel so lucky to be a part of your life and see you grow day after day.”, added Beltrán, downplaying the rumors that, so far, have not been proven, of alleged infidelity.

Finally, Evelyn anticipated criticism and sent a message to her detractors: “The more they want to separate us, the more I squeeze your hand. Shine, shine a lot, it’s your time and I’ll be here to applaud you every day of my life, you’re a champion, so let’s go with everything to win”, he sentenced.

Evelyn Beltrán dedicated a publication to Toni Costa after controversy over an alleged kiss with Daniella Navarro (Photo: Evelyn Beltrán / Instagram)

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