Evaluna Montaner got on the Caballito tram for an important reason

The arrival of the Montaner family to Argentina was not only to celebrate the Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner’s wedding, but also took advantage of their stay to start work projects.

Evaluna Montaner She is the protagonist of the news since she was seen in a Buenos Aires icon to develop a film. It is about the Caballito tram, a place he chose to portray part of his film work.

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This was announced by the Instagram portal Chusmetendo when sharing photos of the wife of Camilo and tell that her family was waiting for her in a motorhome that was a few meters from the place.

Mom was there too and the rest of the Montaners were in a motorhome“said a user who saw the artists on the streets of Buenos Aires.

So far Evaluna was silent on her social networks and was absent from them. Anyway, fans of hers discarded her in their posts.

See Evaluna Montaner on a Caballito tram!

The gossiping portal announced the news.

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