Eva Longoria reveals a little too much when leaving the hairdresser: her summer dress that betrays!

Superbly sculptural, the American actress never misses the opportunity to reveal her beautiful curves over her public appearances and of course, on her Insta.

Yesterday, she did not fail to share with her fans her hairstyle of the day: a ponytail made by Ken Pavès, her celebrity hairdresser friend. A big name in Hollywood known for his creations with J.-LO, Victoria Beckham and Carmen Electra. And Eva remains everything: “I don’t know what it is, but this ponytail inspires me another way…”

Molded in a little white cotton dress, subtly transparent and indented above the hip, the ex-Gabrielle of “Desperate Housewives” allures the social network which finds it just sublime! From the top of her 47 years, the actress – who we could recently find on the poster of “Tell it like a woman” alongside Cara Delevingne – proves once again that her sex appeal is at the top.

A woman at the height of her beauty but also at the height of her personal and family fulfillment. Since 2016, Eva has been married to Mexican businessman José Antonio. Their exceptional wedding in Mexico, in Valle de Bravo, had caused a lot of ink to flow, bringing together 200 people including an audience of stars like Ricky Martin, Katy Perry or the Beckhams. Two years later, in 2018, the couple had the pleasure of welcoming their little boy, Santiago, who is now 4 years old. Tony Parker’s ex is indeed today a fulfilled woman to whom everything smiles… her son should just not pull on her ponytail!

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