Eva Decastelo’s Divorce: Drama on the Fall and Millions in the Luft?

“Life is not a fairy tale. Relationships are complicated, sometimes everything doesn’t turn out the way we planned. It is important to be able to admit it. My husband and I were able to do this and we understood that as partners and spouses we no longer had a future. But we remain friends, and especially the parents of our wonderful children. There is no point in solving more. And there is no point in explaining, “Eve said Decastelo she publicly announced that she was divorcing her husband.

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Although the media leaked information that René no longer shared a household with Eva and the children and moved in with a lover, according to a person close to the couple, the couple is clear about everything and has no resentment. “There is no wrongdoing on the part of either René or her. It’s been a few months since they cleaned the table. “ confirmed by the eXtra.cz editorial staff

It can therefore be assumed that the financial settlement will also be calm. On the one hand, both former partners earn above-standard earnings, and Eva has also confirmed several times that her husband is very generous. Both also own their property, which would not have been jointly owned anyway, as both spouses acquired it before the marriage. Eva will thus have a villa and an apartment worth around 50 million crowns and René his older property, of which he is the sole owner.

Eva Decastelo: I have to help myself to look!

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