Eva Burešová in another role: Before giving birth as a metal star

Eva dreamed the song Woman of Steel and Václav Noid Bárta (41) her dream materialized. He composed the music and his girlfriend Eliška wrote the lyrics. “We have turned into lovers and warriors. It suited Přemek incredibly well, “she revealed Burešová. The clip is carried in a spirit of great love and strength, so they both waited for scenes where they were fighting. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s extremely romantic. “ Eva brought the battle right. However, she wielded a sword like an experienced warrior.

Eva Burešová for the July issue of Maminka magazine


“It’s the first time I’ve held a sword in my hand, but more like a wooden spoon,” Přemek bumped into his original profession, which made him famous on television. “The moment it started filming, I felt like a five-year-old child and I started playing knights,” he added. Then he admitted that there was a bit of competition in Eva. “I really enjoy playing, but I probably wouldn’t be able to make a living from it, I admire Evička and this shooting fulfilled my dream,” he was satisfied. Forejt.


“About a year ago, you came to me that you’d like something harder after all those melancholic and pop songs, that you’d like metal.” revealed Václav Noid Bárta on social networks some time ago. He fulfilled Eva’s desire, they recorded a new song with one of the best Czech metal bands Dymytry.

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Eva Burešová first became a mother five years ago. In 2017, she gave birth to her son Nathaniel, she has him with musician Michael Krásný. The second pregnancy, this time with Přemek Forejt, was announced this year during the filming of The show Your Face Has a Known Voice. The baby is due in August. A well-known chef has a daughter, Stella, from a previous relationship.

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