Eva Burešová after giving birth: A big return to the ZOO

And her Viki will change too. “Now we had a costume rehearsal that we had to change because my character changed. I don’t mean Vika’s character, but mine,” she admitted Burešová on Showtime. “We have a lot of new pieces in there. We wanted to change them a bit, because Vika’s character also has a baby, so her wardrobe changed. My real one has also changed quite a bit,” said Eva, adding that the audience has something to look forward to.

Eva Burešová is leaving the ZOO: Look at her farewell

Her Viki traveled to Brussels in the series and the return will not be famous at all. Her apartment is occupied by a submission photographer Tomas Klus (36) and coexistence will not be a rosy road. The only thing that doesn’t rub off is the passing of Lady X’s concert at the club. Václav Noid Bárta (42) was already looking forward to his mysterious singer. He also returns to the ZOO with Eva Burešová Tereza Brodska (54), mother of the handsome man Robert Urban (36). Love is ready for her in the form of Vladimír Kratina (70).

New faces: Purchase and Biscuits

The new character will be Pavel Soukup (74). He will play the grandfather of the owner of the dog shelter, who has problems with the land on which she keeps dogs. Even around thin Pavly Tomicová (60) becomes suddenly alive. Her ex-husband, played by Michal Suchánek (57), appears on the scene. He is the owner of a circus that needs to be closed down, so he builds a mobile menagerie.

Freiman: Hell with Pavelka

Difficult times await Veronika Freimanová (67) as the director of the zoo. Sabina Laurinová (50) gets upset and forgets to send a sponsorship, and the bosses break his neck. He will remain in the zoo, but in a lower position. In addition, the screenwriters have prepared a domestic hell for her. The husband, played by Ondřej Pavelka (67), bursts out that he has a six-year-old child out of wedlock. It will be a very difficult spring season for director Roklova.

Eva Burešová a Premek Forejt: Location in Slavík is not important to me

Polišenska: She resents men

The promisingly developing relationship between Lucía Polišenská (36) and Jan Vápeník (45) gets a serious crack. After a stroke, Jan returns to his ex-wife and plans to go to the altar with her again. The sympathetic nurse resents the treacherous men for a while, but then the policeman, played by Filip Kaňkovský (37), convinces her that things aren’t so bad with men after all.

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