Eurovision Song Contest 2022: That’s what Malik Harris says about his defeat at the ESC

The next debacle for Germany: At the ESC 2022, Malik Harris only managed a disappointing last place.

The finale of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest with the motto “The Sound of Beauty” took place on Saturday evening in the PalaOlimpico in Turin. Last year, Jendrik Sigwart, 27, only managed a disappointing 25th place for Germany. This year’s candidate Malik Harris, 24, was also unable to turn things around with his song “Rockstars”. The big winner of the evening was the Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra, who had the audience on their side.

Eurovision Song Contest 2022: applause and solidarity for Ukraine

Before Harris, according to ESC commentator legend Peter Urban, 74, a “top artist”, came into play, Ukraine performed in twelfth place. With their song “Stefania” Kalush Orchestra received a lot of applause in Turin on Saturday evening. With their colorful costumes, rap and breakdance interludes and a soulful chorus, they brought an impressive performance to the stage. The hall stood in solidarity for Ukraine.

No jury points for Malik Harris

Germany then entered the race for the fourth time in the history of the ESC with start number 13. Malik Harris performed his top ten hit “Rockstars”. The singer put on a one-man show, playing the piano and guitar himself. But was his performance well received by the jury and the audience?

After another change of outfit with Laura Pausini, 47, Alessandro Cattelan, 42, and Mika, 38, the moderation trio, the hot phase of the evening followed. Every year, the awarding of points by the national juries brings beads of sweat to the foreheads of the candidates. “Anything can happen,” says Mika. In the end, Great Britain with singer Sam Ryder, 32, and his song “Space Man” and Sweden with Cornelia Jakobs, 30, and her ballad “Hold Me Closer” fought neck and neck.

In the end Great Britain saluted from the top with 283 points. However, Sweden stayed close with 258 points. And Spain’s Chanel, 31, who performed her single “SloMo”, was still involved with 231 points. Apparently, Harris could not convince the national juries with his performance: Germany received zero points.

Audience stirs everything up again – in favor of Ukraine

The audience voting had no effect on Germany’s position: with six points, Germany remained in 25th and last place. However, Serbia (Konstrakta – “In corpore sano”) and Italy (Mahmood & Blanco – “Brividi”) caught up.

However, with more than 460 additional audience points, Ukraine suddenly overtook all previous favourites. In the end, nobody was able to catch up on the 631 points: Kalush Orchestra are the winners of the ESC 2022 – ahead of Great Britain and Spain. “This is a strong demonstration from Europe for Ukraine,” commentator Urban concluded.

Malik Harris: “Disappointed, but also very, very happy”

In a conversation with Barbara Schöneberger, 48, Malik Harris was anything but depressed: “It was a totally crazy evening. I know that you didn’t score too many points, but it was still a nice evening.” And he obviously doesn’t begrudge the winners of the evening every single point: “I’m really, really happy that Ukraine won because that’s what I wanted.”

In a statement to the press a few hours later, he summed up his feelings: “Of course I’m a bit disappointed. But what made me very, very happy in the end was to see that Ukraine won. That’s what it is for me “What defines Eurovision in the end. That’s togetherness, that’s peace, that’s bringing the whole of Europe together, celebrating music together – and that’s what we definitely did tonight. Then to see that Ukraine wins is really – that’s where I almost start to cry – that carries a great value for me as a part of this whole event.”

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