Eurovision, Mika regrets his words: “It’s true, I said it and I wish I hadn’t”. Laura Pausini announces the tribute to Raffaella Carrà

“This is a very important event for give a message of European union. For me it is a complicated journey but I am very happy to do it. We have to send a clear and direct message through the music why there are many young people who are suffering because of what we are experiencing and as mothers and fathers we must give them the opportunity to breathe, sing songs and dance. We have been working on it for weeks and months. With Alessandro and Mika we have meetings after meetings with the authors who listen to us, they welcome our suggestions. The times are very tight as well as the tests. We cannot go beyond the minutes marked on the counter. I proposed to do a tribute to the great Raffaella Carrà. There is a tight schedule but we managed it. You are the idol not only for Italy but also for other countries such as Spain “. The conductors and the corps de ballet will dance for a few seconds to the notes of “Fiesta”.

“I’m happy to be here because we are a great team and let’s all three of accordor. Each of us has its own character and peculiarities. Eurovision is an opportunity to send an important message to all of Europe and beyond. It is events like this that can educate people to respect each other more and to love each other. We are doing a lot of testing because this is a great car and we still have to improve. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work with the authors and the whole organization. We added our ideas that were shared with everyone ”.

Ironic and fun Mika held court with other colleagues at the press conference, then became serious and with his usual bluntness explained why he used harsh words in 2015 during an interview against Eurovision. The artist, among other things, he refused to represent the UK 4 times at the festival. Then she said, “Most of the songs that are at Eurovision are shameful. I’m shit. I don’t think it’s allowed to bring better songs. It’s not part of that game. You have to present terrible songs ”. Today Mika explains: “It’s true I said those things. We have all said things that we later regretted. I thus expressed myself as a reaction to what was requested of me at that time. There were some things about Eurovision that I liked, others I didn’t like all people who like or dislike things. I specify that I criticized the review years ago for its musical aspect. Today I wish I hadn’t said those words, but it’s also true that at a musical and production level Eurovision has changed a lottoday it’s a crazy show car and I’m really happy to be there ”.

Among the surprises of the second semifinal Laura Pausini and Mika who will duet for “a special moment of purity and to give a message of peace. It will be a journey into the Eurovision journey that is very simple but will give you many emotions. It’s a feeling that grows song after song and then reaches the grand finale “. Alessandro Cattelan’s monologue, on the other hand, concerns Italians: “I will try to tell how they prepare for an event like Eurovision”.

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