Eurovision 2022, yellow on the Israeli Michael Ben David “disqualified for kissing Cattelan”. Here’s what really happened

Shot of the scene during the final press conference of the three conductors Eurovision Song Contest 2022before the Grand Finale, about the Israeli singer Michael Ben David who did not pass the round to the second semifinal.

But let’s rewind the tape. At the end of the live broadcast of the second semifinal, Michael Ben David launched himself among the three conductors engaged in a delicate moment of the program, concerning the final vote, to toast, wave the Israeli flag and kissing Alessandro Cattelan and Laura Pausini. A move that unleashed irony on social media and on the Web and which highlighted the singer’s sympathy.

Filed the evening, the following day a foreign press reporter asked Cattelan in English: “All the media in Israel are criticizing Michael, not for the song and not for the disqualification (he misused the term ‘disqualified’ instead of ‘not qualified ‘; ed), but because he interrupted you on stage. How did you react to what she did, how do you feel about it? ”.

Alessandro Cattelan incredulously asked: “But he was disqualified, I didn’t know?”. Then Mika thought about correcting the shot towards the right end with: “Yes, yes, of course. He has not passed ”. Cattelan then replied: “As far as I’m concerned, he wasn’t there no problem, even the kiss was ok, he’s a guy who was there to sing and have fun, maybe he had drunk two glasses “. In short, a circle of misunderstandings has been created that has hinted that the singer had been disqualified. But this is not the case.

First of all on the part of the EBU organization – very efficient on the communication side – it was not any press release to that effect has been issued. Then if Michael Ben David had been disqualified he would have already released a statement on social media. Moreover, if there had really been disqualification, Israel would hardly have been granted the opportunity to vote the 25 countries competing for the Grand Final. Instead, last night at the show’s dress rehearsal with the audience present, Israel voted perfectly in the moment of the simulation for the assignment of 12 points to the chosen country. In short, to quote William Shakespeare, “much ado about nothing”.

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