Eurovision 2022, warning of pro-Russian hacker attack to prevent Ukraine’s victory

Pro-Russian hacker attack to prevent Ukraine’s eventual victory toEurovision Song Contest. According to Corriere della Serawould be a group affiliated with KillNet, Legion, to have triggered the alarm. It deals with of the same pro-Russian hackers who hacked the computer system of the Italian Ministry of Defense only last Thursday. The group warned the members to be on alert “from 21 May 14 to 6 15 to prevent online vote counting”. Activate procedures to prevent the attack from being successful.
The representative of Ukraine was selected within the sixth edition of the review Vidbir. The winner was Alina Paš with “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors“. The singer (known in her country for coming third at X Factor), however, was at the center of a furious political controversy. Indeed, it emerged that Alina Paš in 2015 she had gone to the Crimea. A Ukrainian law absolutely prohibited the transit in those territories because of the controversy with Russia. After the controversy, the singer gave up to participate, commenting: “I am an artist, not a politician. I don’t want this virtual war and hatred ”. So for an internal decision of the Ukrainian broadcaster Nacional’na Suspil’na Teleradiokompanija Ukraïny the Kalush Orchestra was indicated with “Stefania”, second classified at the Vidbir review. In short, a compelling story that could help push the victory of the Kalush Orchestra even further in the name of luck, excellent performance and the political message of peace that starts from Eurovision.

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