Eurovision 2022, Ukraine wins with the Kalush Orchestra: “For our people”. Yellow Laura Pausini, disappears from the stage during the voting: “I was too excited” (PHOTO)

Winning the Eurovision Song Contest is Ukraine with the Kalush Orchestra.
This is the live broadcast of the evening: an impeccable show, a rediscovered passion of the Italian public for this event, never so followed.

With the medley of Laura Pausini the spotlight on the final of theEurovision Song Contest 2022. The singer, for the occasion presenter together with Mika and Alessandro Cattelan, opened the episode by singing some of his hits: ‘Benvenuto’, ‘Io Canto’, ‘La Solitudine’, ‘Le cose che vivi’ and the last song ‘Box’ (alternating Italian, Spanish and English). For her changes of clothes designed by Donatella Versace, as he had announced on Instagram. Also on stage with Laura Pausini Paolo Carta, guitarist and life partner. After Laura Pausini’s medley, the musical competition begins: the Czech Republic with “Lights Off” (by We are domi), to follow the Romania with “Llàmame” (by Wrs), and again the Portugal with Maro singing “Suadade, suadade”, there Finland with “Jezebel” (by The Rasmus) and the Swiss with “Boys do cry”, sung by Marius Bear. Following the first of Big Five: the France with “Fulenn” by Alvan and Ahez. And then the Norwegian singers of Subwoolfer singing “Give that wolf a banana” and then theArmenia with Rosa Linn singing “Snap”. Ninth song in the competition, during the evening of the Eurovision Song Contest final, “Chills” by Mahmood and Blanco. The duo, who climbed the Italian charts after their victory at the Sanremo 2022 Festival, enchanted the Turin Pala Alpitour who sang the song from start to finish. Not perfect execution, the performance was – as always – exciting and engaging. “Thanks Turin”, the two singers shouted at the end of the performance and after a liberating hug. It’s up to Spain con Chanel singing “Slomo” (“discount by Jennifer Lopez“, So defines it live on Rai 1 Cristiano Malgioglio). Then i Netherlands with S10 singing “De Diepte”. So much waiting for theUkrainewhich makes everyone dance with Stefania, sung by Kalush Orchestra. At the end of the performance an appeal from the group for help Ukraine and Mariupolwhich was followed by applause from the spectators present.

Then it’s time to Malik Harris singing Rockstars, to follow the Lithuania with Monika Liu singing Sentimentai. It’s still Nadir Rustamli with “Fade to Black” e Jeremie Makiese with “Miss You”, from Azerbaijan and Belgium respectively. After a short commercial break, she recovers with the Greece: “Die Together”, sung by Amanda Tenfjord. Following Le Stystur (Iceland) sing “Med Haekkandi Sòl” while the Moldova it is represented by the Zdob si dzub and advahov brothers singing “Trenuletul”. Cornelia JakobsSwedish, sings “Hold me closer” while Sheldon Riley represents theAustralia with “Not the same”. It goes towards the latest performances. First, however, a tribute to the Italian song. Laura Pausini intones Domenico Modugno’s “In the blue painted blue” a cappella. And with her the whole arena. The event ends there Polandthe Serbia and theEstonia. Respectively Ochman sings “River”, Konstrakta sings (so to speak) “In corpore sano” and finally Stefan sings “Hope”. Voting starts: who will be the winning country?

But let’s get back to the direct. Yes, because it’s up to the super guests: the Maneskins. The Roman band performs on the notes of the single “Supermodel“. When Alessandro Cattelan asks them for advice for his Eurovision colleagues, Damiano ironically remembers ‘the crime’ of last year: “Have fun and don’t get too close to the tables“. Before the cover “If I can dream” (the Maneskin will in fact be in the soundtrack of the awaited biopic on Elvis Presley by Baz Luhrmann), the frontman of the band reassures the audience about his health conditions (he limps and evidently feels pain), confirming in fact the accident that occurred during the set.

Two iconic moments follow: the performance of Gigliola Cinquetti with “I’m not old (to love you)” (with which he won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1964) and then a medley of Mika. Audience in raptures. The singer born in 1983 literally ate the stage. More Mika, please. During the assignments of votes by the various nations, Alessandro Cattelan and Mika carry on the broadcast. Great absent from the stage, suddenly, Laura Pausini. On the web, many are wondering what happened. To reveal it is she herself who, returning after several minutes, says: “Excuse me, I was too excited for the evening”. What happened?

The winning country is Ukraine with “Stefania” sung by the Kalush Orchestra. The final ranking of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, in the order announced by the conductors, is as follows. 25) Germany 24) France 23) Iceland 22) Czech Republic 21) Finland 20) Armenia 19) Belgium 18) Romania 17) Switzerland 16) Azerbaijan 15) Australia 14) Lithuania 13) Estonia 12) Poland 11) Netherlands 10) Norway 9) Portugal 8) Greece 7) Moldova 6) Italy 5) Serbia 4) Sweden 3) Spain 2) United Kingdom and 1) Ukraine.

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