Eurovision 2022: This Moroccanoil dry shampoo (used on the lengths) is the must-have product for a long-lasting hairstyle

It is this Saturday, May 14, 2022 that we will finally know the name of the big winner of Eurovision 2022! The Italian group Maneskin having won the competition last year, it is in Italy, in Turin, that the musical event takes place this year. A 66th edition synonymous with renewal and a return to the party after two years marked by the health crisis.

If at the end of the evening, everyone will remember only one name, you should know that the Eurovision Song Contest is an event with numbers that makes you dizzy. Starting with the number of participating countries: 40! So many songs to discover and performances to analyze and appreciate by the jury and the public. To impress the 300 million viewers across Europe (and even around the world since Australia is also participating), more than 1000 technicians and logisticians have been working hard every day for several months already. .

Thanks to the Moroccanoil brand, known worldwide for its iconic “Treatment” treatment which saves all types of hair, and which is an official sponsor of Eurovision, we were able to go behind the scenes and talk to Antonio Corral Calero, professional hairdresser and creative director at Moroccanoil since 2006. The opportunity for him to explain to us how he and his teams manage to satisfy the hair desires of all the candidates. Contrary to what one might think, hairstyles are not decided a few hours before the show. Candidates and Moroccanoil hairdressers have been working hand in hand for several months to choose an ideal hairstyle, matching her outfit. Also, we note that all this pretty little world has been in Turin for two weeks already. The opportunity to be pampered by the hairdressers, with care, restorative masks and scans while waiting for the big night.

Eurovision 2022: hair minimalism
First observation regarding this year’s hair mood: a definite return to naturalness. Exit the smoothing to the extreme, the coarse extensions and the frills, candidates and candidates wanted simplicity but also and above all to reveal their sublimated hair but in their “natural” state. A way to give an implicit definition of this year’s theme, “The sound of beauty” and a pride for the teams of Moroccanoil, a brand that advocates self-acceptance. A minimalism certainly instilled by the global trend of “clean beauty” where the “clean”, simple and chic aspect takes precedence over everything.

How about using your dry shampoo on the lengths?
So that the hairstyles remain impeccable all day (some candidates get ready from the end of the morning) and all evening, hairspray necessarily contributes to the long hold… but not only! Antonio Corral Calero explains that one of the most used products is the brand’s famous Dry Shampoo, which exists for light tones and for dark tones. We then discover that this product is not only applied to the roots to eliminate fat, but also to the lengths to both preserve the flexibility of the hair, while giving it a certain hold and a certain rigidity. An infallible trick to allow hairstyles to last over time, while giving the impression that they have just been made…

Finally, and between two brush strokes, Antonio answers the question we all ask ourselves: when should you wash your hair so that curls (and any other hairstyle) are optimal? It’s the day before! So to your shampoos.

Elizabeth Sall

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