Eurovision 2022, the sensational “political case” of the choice of the Kalush Orchestra song for Ukraine

Many during the two Semifinals of Eurovision Song Contest 2022 they wondered how some songs and artists ended up on the stage of the Pala Olimpico in Turin and often the question it was not in a positive sense. Beyond personal tastes, the 40 European countries in the competition they have followed the directives of the EBU, the body that organizes the event. Therefore the selection of the singers in the competition it is primarily up to the television broadcasters of every single country that broadcasts Eurovision. As a rule, the path of internal selection is chosen, that is, it is the broadcaster itself that decides who to send to the tender. To give a concrete example, it also happened to Italy. Emma went in the race with “My city“In 2014 because it was designated by Rai. So it was not decided to designate the winner of the Festival: that year it was ranked first Arisa with “Against the wind. From the following year with The flight And “Great love“The practice of” fishing “the Italian representative for Eurovision from the Festival basin has been re-established.

Another criterion for selecting the participants of the event is precisely the organization of a music festival created ad hoc or already existing. The winner of a Festival does not necessarily have to go to Eurovision, if he does not accept another competitor of the festival will be chosen. A bit like it happened to Francesca Michielin in 2016 with “No degree of separationranked second behind the Stadium. The band led by Gaetano Curreri had decided to give way: “We would love to participate, but we have a tour already planned. If a young man went there we would only be happy ”. So Michielin found herself representing Italy in Sweden with “No Degree Of Separation”, in which she inserted verses in English to the original Italian text. Because there is also to say that not necessarily a competitor must bring the song with which he won the selection, you can also choose another one. So he did, for example, this year Emma Muscat which had won Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with “Out of sight” and brought, instead, “I Am What I Am”.

Looking at the examples of other countries competing in the international event, it turns out that there are very famous selections such as that of Sweden which has its “Sanremo“, the Melodifestivalen now in its 62nd edition. L’Albania relies on its traditional festival Celebrate the Kenges, this year at the 60th edition. Then there are interesting cases like the Spain which has relied on the brand new exhibition Benidorm Fest, in its first edition while Israel picked its representative from the X Factor. News also for San Marino which he entrusted to the now cult event “A voice for San Marino”- on social media there was no criticism of the organization – the choice to send Achille Lauro, then eliminated in the second semifinal. Then there is the case of the France which through the television broadcaster France Televisions has established an ad hoc event “Eurovision France, c’est vous qui décidez 2022”. Finally, there are many countries that have decided to entrust internally to the television boradcastor the choice such as – for example – Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Switzerland and the favorite to win the final Ukraine. But the latter decision is actually weighed down by an important withdrawal.

The representative of Ukraine was selected within the sixth edition of the review Vidbir. The winner was Alina Paš with “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors“. The singer (known in her country for coming third at X Factor), however, was at the center of a furious political controversy. Indeed, it emerged that Alina Paš in 2015 she had gone to the Crimea. A Ukrainian law absolutely prohibited the transit in those territories because of the controversy with Russia. After the controversy, the singer gave up to participate, commenting: “I am an artist, not a politician. I don’t want this virtual war and hatred ”. So for an internal decision of the Ukrainian broadcaster Nacional’na Suspil’na Teleradiokompanija Ukraïny the Kalush Orchestra was indicated with “Stefania”, second classified at the Vidbir review. In short, a compelling story that could help push the victory of the Kalush Orchestra even further in the name of luck, excellent performance and the political message of peace that starts from Eurovision.

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