Eurovision 2022, Morgan unleashed: “There is no limit to aberration. Laura Pausini does not master the language, Cattelan is limp, Malgioglio unqualifiable “

We love Morgan and hearing him talk about music is pleasure and privilege. Too bad though that when it comes to ‘take it as it comes’, the Dude would say, the songwriter is excessively predictable. For instance, let’s talk about Eurovision. That the euro-show has little to do with the great quality of the songs in the competition is hardly worth saying. Apart from some countries that stand out for the good songs on offer, everything else is show. So, that’s Morgan on the sidelines of his lecture on Umberto Bindi to the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, say you don’t watch the kermesse broadcast on RaiUno not surprising for sure: “I’m not following the Eurovision Festival, I think it’s more scene than substance. Does all Italy of communication stop because there is the Eurovision Song Contest? And then I don’t stop and don’t look at him; I work and I don’t stop, just because there is the Eurofestival“, His words toAdnkronos. “Eurofestival”, as it was once called and as he still calls it (let’s imagine with a precise connotation). This edition, the winners of Sanremo are competing for Italy Blanco And Mahmood that they will bring Chills. And there is also another Italian competing for San Marino, Achille Lauro: “It is the new Trinity but I don’t feel represented by them and I don’t think I’m the only one”. Will they like the conductors? “There is no limit to aberration: Mika It is not italian, Laura Pausini does not master the language e Cattelan is limp … as for a Malgioglio it is unspeakable. But what choices are they? Would this be the showcase of Italy? They remind me of the joke with the blind, the dumb, the deaf ”. A question arises: if you really don’t even look at him by chance, where do these opinions come from?


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