Eurovision 2022, Mika and an apology for his words: “I repented”

Ironic and fun Mika held discussions with other colleagues at the Eurovision presentation press conferencethe final of which is broadcast on RaiUno, then he became serious and with his usual bluntness he explained why he used harsh words in 2015 during an interview against Eurovision. The artist, among other things, refused 4 times to represent the United Kingdom at the festival. Then she said, “Most of the songs that are at Eurovision are shameful. I’m shit. I don’t think it’s allowed to bring better songs. It’s not part of that game. You have to present terrible songs ”. Before the start of the event Mika explained: “It’s true I said those things. We have all said things that we later regretted. I thus expressed myself as a reaction to what was requested of me at that time. There were some things about Eurovision that I liked, others I didn’t like all people who like or dislike things. I specify that I criticized the review years ago for its musical aspect. Today I wish I hadn’t said those words, but it’s also true that Eurovision has changed a lot in terms of music and production, today it’s a crazy show car and I’m really happy to be there “.


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