Eurovision 2022 lineup, second semifinal: exit order, guests and how to see it on TV

Turin, 12 May 2022 – Everything is ready for the second semifinaland the 66th edition ofEurovision Song Contest. The kermesse is hosted this year in Turin, Italy, thanks to the victory of the Maneskins in last year’s edition which took place in Rotterdam. Conductors of the three evenings (la first semifinal was broadcast on Tuesday while the final with the announcement of the winner will be Saturday) I am as known Laura Pausini, Mika and Alessandro Cattelan. The first two they will perform a duet in support of peace in Ukraine, on the notes of Fragile’ from Sting And People have the power ‘ from Patti Smith. Cattelan he will make self-mockery and laugh together with the Europe of the classics stereotypes of Italians abroad.

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Second semifinal: the order of performance

In Italy, the evenings are broadcast on Rai1, Rai 4 (digital terrestrial channel 21) and on the TivùSat platform on channel 110. The live broadcast will also be broadcast on Rai Radio2 and will also be available on RaiPlay. As the three conductors, we remember, address the public in English, the whole program is commented by Gabriele Corsi And Christian Malgioglioflanked by Carolina Di Domenico. The end of the episode is expected around 11pm.

The guests of the second semifinal of Eurovision 2022 will be the boys of The flight, but in an “emergency” version. They will certainly take the stage Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone, while Rai would be finding an alternative solution for the participation of Gianluca Ginobleresult positive for Covid. “In the last few hours – declared the Rai executive producer, Claudio Fasulo – we received news that one of the guys from Il Volo tested positive at Covid. He is fine, he has no symptoms and we are studying a digital solution to allow the same performance”.

After the performance of the singers competing in the second semifinal, as per the tradition of the event, each nation participates inl verdict of the evening with two different voting sessions: one entrusted to spectators through televoting, messaging and the website of the
Eurovision, the second to work instead of one jury of quality made up of five professionals. During the semifinals the nations in the lineup in the evening participate in the vote but each nation abstains from voting on its own artist. In Italy it was possible to vote only during the first semifinal and it will be possible to do it again on the final evening of May 14th but, due to the now well-known voting mechanism, Italians will not be able to vote for Mahmood and Blanco. So, at least for tonight, from our country it will not be possible to vote even for Achille Lauro and his Stripper.

After the performances of the singers in the competition, they will also perform during the voting Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, already qualified for the final as well as France and Italy of Mahmood and Blanco (they are the so-called Big five). For Germany Malik Harris with ‘Rockstars’; Spain with Chanel and the song ‘SloMo’; the UK with Sam Ryder and the song ‘Space man’

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