Eurovision 2022, “Help Mariupol”. Is Ukraine in danger of disqualification?

Eurovision is an apolitical demonstration. For this on social networks and after the appeal of the Kalush Orchestra to help and support the‘Ukraine And Mariupol, many have written of a possible elimination. Which will not be there, at least according to what has been leaked at the moment. The leader of the Ukrainian band, at the end of the performance, said: “Please help Ukraine, please help Mariupol, help Azovstal steel mill, now“. Now, in the regulations of the event we read: “ESC is a non-political event. All participating broadcasters, including the host broadcaster, will be responsible for ensuring that all necessary steps are taken within their respective delegations and teams to safeguard the interests and integrity of the ESC and to ensure that the ESC does not is in no case politicized and / or exploited and / or in any case brought into disrepute in any way“. Disqualification? At the moment, according to Fanpage it seems not. Because the only case in which this possibility is mentioned is this: “The maximum length of each song is three minutes. Any longer song / performance will not be eligible to participate and the Participating Issuer may be disqualified in the event that it does not (i) submit to the EBU a song complying with the duration required under this document within the prescribed period or (ii) to (have) performed (a) on stage, a piece conforming to the duration required below“.


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