Europe’s largest carnivorous dinosaur found on Isle of Wight

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The giant dinosaurs of Cretaceous never cease to amaze paleontologists nor to make the general public dream! A research team presents a article in the newspaper PeerJ Life & Environment in which she reports the discovery of the remains of what would have been the biggest dinosaur European predator. The discovery of the fossils was made on the Isle of Wight located in the English Channel, south of England. The remains date from the Lower Cretaceous and include posterior vertebrae, fragments of ribs,ilium and long bones, but no cranial remains have been identified.

Fragments of dorsal vertebrae belonging to the giant specimen made it possible to classify it among the spinosaurids and to estimate its size.  © Barker et al, 2022

A giant and “anonymous” spinosaurid

The comparison of these remains with those of other dinosaurs allows the authors to classify the individual discovered among the spinosaurids, within which are the species of the genera Spinosaurus, Baryonyx, Suchomimus or Ichthyovenator. Species in this group have a skull elongate typical of piscivores and have a ecology associated with the presence of watercoursesalthough their ability to hunt in water is still widely debated. The specimen has not yet been classified within a species and has been tentatively named ” white rock spinosaurid “, according to the name of the layer of sediment in which it was discovered. According to the authors, the specimen would have measured more than 10 meters in length and would be larger than the largest individuals of carnivorous dinosaurs found so far in Europe.

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