Euphoria season 2: the series breaks a record

Euphoria season 2

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Barely season 2 started, Euphoria is already setting a record on the HBO channel.

Euphoria Season 2 launched on HBO since January 10. A season eagerly awaited by fans after the success of the premiere. The series is produced by Drake and features Rue Bennett (Zendaya), a 17-year-old girl emerging from drug rehab and seeking the purpose of her life. Quickly, she bonds with Jules Vaughn, a transgender woman who recently arrived in town after her parents’ divorce. With the characters around them, Rue and Jules will try to find out who they are. A series with heavy subjects which can sometimes disturb more than one but this is not to discourage viewers who have quickly become attached to the characters.

It is therefore in front of no less than 2.4 million viewers that the first episode of Season 2 aired Wednesday night, on HBO. A record figure for the channel since the launch of HBO Max in May 2020, according to WarnerMedia. HBO also reveals that the digital audience was nine times higher than the first season and four times higher than for the finale of season 1. On social networks also Euphoria knows a strong success thus taking the title of “Most Popular Cable TV Episode” since the Game of Thrones grand finale in May 2019, according to HBO.

Euphoria, the hit series from HBO

Euphoria is therefore officially one of the biggest hits of all time on HBO. These eight new episodes always follow the different intertwined lives of East Highland with Rue, Fez, Nate, Maddy and Kat. Between quest for identity and dependence, Rue Bennett (Zendaya) will have to try to find a balance in this season 2. It is to be found every Wednesday on HBO as well as on OCS.

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