Eternals: where will we see the characters of the Marvel movie?

With the arrival of Eternals on Disney +, we return to the film and the ways in which we could see various characters from the Marvel movie on screen.

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Eternals: Richard Madden and Gemma Chan in an intimate moment

After conquering the audience in the hall (it was the tenth highest cinema gross of 2021 worldwide), Eternals is now ready to be appreciated by an even wider user base thanks to Disney+, where Marvel Cinematic Universe films enjoy great popularity. On the occasion of the arrival on the platform of Chloé Zhao’s feature film, we wanted to return to reflect on his gallery of characters, and more specifically on the various ways in which we could see them in the upcoming titles of the MCU, even outside of any official sequels. (not announced at the moment, but also not strictly necessary in a franchise like that of the House of Ideas, where the crossover is an integral part of the basic concept). Here are our considerations on this, with the usual disclaimer: this article contains spoilers, so anyone who has not seen the film can continue reading at their own risk.

Imminent judgment

Eternals 2

Eternals: Barry Keoghan interprets Druig

Eternals ends up with the Earth group split in two: Thena, Druig and Makkari set out in search of other Eternals, to prevent the Celestials from continuing to destroy worlds, while Sersi, Kingo and Phastos remain among us (Sprite was made human and is therefore no longer to be considered part of the team). Only that Arishem, furious that his plans have not gone through, takes the three remaining on Earth and takes them with him, to decide if our planet is worth saving.

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And then, in the mid-credits, the members on a mission in space are contacted by Eros alias Starfox, brother of Thanos, who proposes to help them. All this seems to lay the groundwork for a direct sequel to the film, which would deepen the history of the Eternals and clarify their role within the Marvel cosmogony: are they generally to be considered bad, with the group led by Sersi as the major exception? There are those who think, in fact, that Arishem could aspire to the rank of the new great antagonist of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even if not necessarily in Phase Four (where, for reasons related to the Multiverse, it seems that the role will be played by Kang the Conqueror) . And in this case the participation of our heroes and their fellow men could be decisive, for better or for worse.

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Mystical turns

Eternals 3

Eternals: Gemma Chan with Kit Harington

The situation is different for Dane Whitman, who remained on Earth after Sersi’s kidnapping, and is now determined to use the Sword of Ebony to carry on the family tradition. But, as seen in the post-credits, the moment he tries to take the weapon he is interrupted by a voiceover, which we now know is that of Blade, the vampire hunter. The most logical theory is therefore that Whitman, with his new identity as Black Knight, can be part of the cast of the film dedicated to the deeds of the Day, which has been an ally of the character in recent comic cycles. But there is also another possibility, given the mystical aura of everything and the fact that in the paper world Whitman has repeatedly participated in interdimensional journeys with his friend Captain Britain (currently absent in the cinematic universe, but Henry Cavill he said he was interested if they introduced him): an appearance, even short, in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, a context in which the Black Knight could be useful. At the moment there are no indications of his possible presence, but the film was shot almost entirely in London, which would have allowed Kit Harington to participate without particular logistical impediments due to the pandemic.

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Extended flashbacks

Eternals Angelina Jolie

Eternals: a close-up of Angelina Jolie

One of the particularities of the film was the long duration of the story, as the Eternals are several thousand years old, and during the course of the film there was an abundance of flashbacks about their activities before the return to the scene of the Deviants. There is no shortage of situations that could be explored in the form of miniseries on Disney +, with several noteworthy storylines, if we consider only those to which their film debut alludes: the Bollywood career of Kingo, who becomes a star of the big screen by inventing a dynasty actor of which he becomes the new heir from time to time; the relationship between Gilgamesh and Thena, one of the most dramatic and touching components of the film; and Ajak’s life after the team disbanded, with her spending years alone and guilt-ridden, knowing the Earth was destined to be destroyed. A perfect ploy also to see the Eternals who died during their first adventure on the screen. Another possibility concerns Sprite, now human and able to age normally, far from the activities of her former adventure companions.

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Cosmic cameos

Eternals 9

Eternals: An image of the Celestials

By their nature, nothing prevents the Eternals from peeping into other corners of the cosmic side of the MCU, and there are rumors – but they could be flashbacks – of appearances in projects like The Marvels and Secret Invasion (and in the latter case it would make sense, to contextualize the Skrull infiltration of Earth). Almost certain, though, that we won’t see them in the third Guardians of the Galaxy film, coming in 2023. This is because James Gunn has always made sure those features work as stories in their own right, with no particularly explicit ties to the rest of the franchise ( although in this case it will resume part of what happened in Avengers: Endgame, given the situation of Gamora). There will almost certainly be ramifications for the future, with the debut of Adam Warlock, but any other external presence will be, at best, something usable without having seen the other stories of Phase Four.

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