Estrella Torres: The curious reason why her mother did not trust her boyfriend | VIDEO

star towers She was last Friday night as a guest on the set of the program “Magaly Tv La Firme” with her boyfriend, Kevin Salas, with whom she has announced that she will marry next year, and made a curious revelation.

The singer and her partner, who is also her manager, said that they already live together and the former member of “Corazón Serrano” assured that her partner is already the darling of her family; however, she indicated that At the beginning of their relationship, his mother did not trust him.

“At first it was a little bit with my mom… Obviously moms are always going to have fears, I don’t have my dad, he passed away, so she is the one who takes care of me the most, the one who is checking me the most”he limited, in front of which Magaly Medina asked him: “What did you see that you didn’t like?”

“The thing is that I think sometimes we judge people, more than anything because he is handsome, he thought that because he is handsome he was going to do something to me”, he answered, leaving the ‘Urraca’ confused, who interpreted his words with the analogy: “That is, handsome = womanizer”.

“But later when I got to know him more and more, now that we have a yearmy mom has already seen that it makes me very happy”ended the young artist who specified that they plan their wedding to be in July or September of next year.


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Words crossed by Michelle Soifer and Alejandra Baigorria
Words crossed by Michelle Soifer and Alejandra Baigorria

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