Ester Expósito and Nicolás Furtado, how they met: love story

Ester Exposito had become the coveted bachelor of Spain after the end of his relationship with Alejandro Speitzer last year. Although he was later related to the singer Rauw Alejandro, finally it would be someone else who would arrow his heart: the actor who is also Nicolas Furtado, who is older than her by 12 years.

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The 33-year-old Uruguayan actor has won the heart of the Elite actress without knowing much about the approach or the start of the flirtations. What is known is that both would have met in Spain, a country in which he has traveled to perform and earn a name after having conquered his native country and Argentina.

Both come from certain controversies in their previous relationships. It is known that Ester Exposito and Alejandro Speitzer would not have ended in the best way, even those close to the relationship commented on details of some inappropriate attitudes within their love affair. Meanwhile, the Uruguayan was related to ‘China’ Suárez just when the scandal with Mauro Icardi broke out.

Despite that past, the two left all the bad behind to unite their lives and embark on a path together that has excited the fans of both actors, who dream of seeing them together for a good time, although it seems that they are not sharing their happiness. in social networks.


Ester and Nico began to be related to each other in October of last year due to certain details and coincidences on social networks, but it was the Uruguayan actor who would confirm everything thanks to a story published on his Instagram account while he was walking through the streets of Madrid.

In the image you could see the Spanish actress in a street, which implied that at that time they were walking together and that they could be dating or that they may already have a relationship that the general public was not aware of. Well, no photograph had been seen together.

The story on Instagram that Nico Furtado published in October 2021, in which Ester Expósito can be seen.

Just over a week later, on Halloween, it was her turn to upload a photo together, confirming that they had already had the opportunity to accept each other and start a loving relationship. In this way, everyone already confirmed this new couple.

Ester Exposito and Nicolás Furtado together on Halloween and showing off on Instagram.
Ester Exposito and Nicolás Furtado together on Halloween and showing off on Instagram.

After these winks in their respective Instagram accounts, Spanish media managed to have images of them walking through the Spanish streets or going out to eat together, showing that their union was serious, even though they did not want to make it very noticeable on their social networks.

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Obviously, this new couple has started to do more things together and they decided to be the first days of the year outside of Spain and there was no better destination than Furtado’s native country: Uruguay.

Through their publications, both have made it known that they are in Punta del Este, enjoying a little of the summer in South America. What’s more, some journalists have followed them and obtained images of them on vacation.

And as if that were not enough, Nico has published a photograph in which he sees both of them sharing time together while enjoying the sun.

Ester Exposito and her boyfriend during their vacations in Uruguay.  (Photo: Nicolás Furtado / Instagram).
Ester Exposito and her boyfriend during their vacations in Uruguay. (Photo: Nicolás Furtado / Instagram).

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