Estelle Lefebure atomizes a candidate from "Koh Lanta" who believes he has found a cure "against cancer cells"

Dylan Thiry continues to make ink flow. A few weeks ago, the famous reality TV candidate was at the heart of a very dark affair. On social networks, the rapper Booba had unveiled a video of the young man claiming to be in possession of shocking images concerning an attack of which the blogger Aqababe was allegedly the victim. ” Which video do you want me to put on you? The one where you walk on all fours? The one where you are in the cellar? Or the one where you go around the world with your zguègue? Which one do you want? Oh no, maybe you want the one where they put the stick in your ass? I might post this one you could hear him say.

A cure for cancer… or not

But if Dylan Thiry has been in the Duke of Boulogne’s sights for some time, Ahmed’s friend did not need B2O to once again attract the wrath of Internet users. In a Snapchat story, the one who made his debut on the small screen in Koh Lanta: Cambodia in 2017 promoted a product that he claimed would be able to cure ” cancer cells (sic). ” I’m going to tell you something that’s crazy, i promise i’m telling you the truth, it’s mind blowing. Unicity, they have something that cures cancer cells “, he tries to explain before continuing:” It is not sold in France or in Europe because it is prohibited. They don’t want! It’s much more interesting for them that you go to the hospital and you pay a blind “. Subsequently, he even offers a promo code to his subscribers so that they can afford this miraculous product ” sold for hundreds of years in the Emirates.

A risky investment that aroused strong reactions. In shock, Estelle Lefébure also wanted to give her opinion on this case. The 56-year-old actress finds this ” distressing “, like many people…


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