Estelle Denis shares a rare photo of her daughter Victoire, Internet users amazed by their resemblance

After setting fire to the Groupama Stadium in Lyon on July 19, the Rolling Stones took over the Longchamp racecourse in Paris for their second concert in France as part of their “Sixty” tour, which sees the group celebrate its 60th anniversary. Saturday July 23, 2022, all music and rock fans flocked to western Paris to see Mick Jagger and his old veterans put on the show.

And among the music lovers present that evening, some celebrities had made the trip to this ephemeral stage where a miniature Eiffel Tower was even installed for the occasion. And in particular Estelle Denis, dressed in a t-shirt bearing the image of the group and accompanied by her daughter Victoire. The host also posed proudly alongside the teenager and posted the photo on her Instagram account. “Big smile x 2 !!“, she captioned.

Internet users immediately pointed to the obvious resemblance between the host of RMC and the daughter of Raymond Domenech. “The same!”, “Crazy change in a year! A woman now”, “Hello always so beautiful and smiling”, “Of course! the fruit didn’t fall far from the tree!!!”, “Both beautiful!! Friendships of the North”, “
Same smile”, “She looks like dad I would say… well a mix of both“, commented the subscribers of Estelle Denis.

After a rich year on RMC, the ex-girlfriend of Raymond Domenech is enjoying a well-deserved rest. Despite very good audiences, the host has not always been spared by fairly critical listeners and Internet users. On July 6, she had drawn the wrath of viewers by asking if the bosses had to give in to the demands of the SNCF railway workers. “Estelle Denis, you are pathetic, the way you present this program is disappointing. People who go on strike don’t do it for fun.”, “Madame Estelle Denis, how much do you earn? I think you must have a good salary, so you and the other asshole of moreau shut up, and be objective in your trades“, had commented on some internet users.


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