Estefania Heidemanns: 10 years later: Dieter Bohlen’s ex is more stylish than ever

Tanned complexion and a white toothpaste smile, who can that be? No, not Dieter Bohlen. His ex-girlfriend Estefania is currently shining more than ever! She definitely doesn’t need a rejuvenating potion under the Cherry Ladies’ Bohlen.

Estefania Heidemanns, 42, was in a relationship with Dieter Bohlen, 67, from 2001-2006. The 16-year-old Maurice comes from the relationship with the pop titan. Much has changed in the 42-year-old’s life. With her you seem to look in vain for a wrinkle or gray hair – on the contrary: Estefania stays forever young!

New life in Mallorca

Estefania Heidemanns now lives with her husband and entrepreneur Markus Heidemanns, 57, and their three children on Mallorca. And the days of show and media business are over: the former playgirl has set up her own studio for interior design. Chapeau!

Forever 21

One thing is certain: The mother of three does not look like 42. Her flowing hydrogen blonde hair and a sun-kissed glow give her the Madonna moment. Fans are enthusiastic about her young appearance and ask about her rejuvenation recipe: “Estefania, I always ask myself if you are getting older at all. You are such a natural beauty! Madness. Please tell us girls your secret recipe.” We can certainly discover a few tips and tricks …

That puffy blonde Löwenmähne

Brown becomes blonde: a new hair color always brings variety to your own look. The long-term brunette has had blonde hair for not that long! The color change is a contrast to her tanned complexion. The wild Shakira mane makes the interior designer look youthful.

Sophisticated style

When it comes to trendy styles, you don’t fool yourself! The 42-year-old shows what she has in her outfits. Estefania likes to emphasize her endless legs with skirts with deep slits, crisp hot pants or short mini dresses. The beauty often integrates black boots with a wide shaft into her outfits.

The triple mum’s new place of residence has definitely rubbed off on her style. Estefania loves elements of the hippie style: brown boots with fringes, beige straw hats, or cropped blouses are part of her fashion repertoire.

The healthy lifestyle

The daily dose of sea and sun seem to do Estefania Heidemanns good. Your evenly tanned complexion lets you shine. Estefania also pays attention to a healthy diet and lots of exercise, as she gives on Instagram. Here she regularly posts healthy bowls and takes her followers with her when she does sport.

Did she help?

Fans speculate under some postings whether the 42-year-old has helped in terms of beauty. She has not yet commented on this.

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