Esp: Didier Roustan cuts Umtiti and shocks Griezmann

In great difficulty at FC Barcelona, ​​Samuel Umtiti has not had the same performance since the end of the 2018 World Cup won with the Blues. A situation which the journalist Didier Roustan had fun with, at the risk of provoking the annoyance of Antoine Griezmann.

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The least we can say is that Samuel Umtiti has not been spared for a few months. The central defender, only appeared once this season with FC Barcelona, ​​is not spared by the supporters. Nor by its leaders who dream of pushing it towards the exit for several years. And to make matters worse, here is Didier Roustan just add a layer. Reacting to an old statement from Eric Abidal, who compared Samuel Umtiti to German legend Franz Beckenbauer, the journalist did not hesitate to mock the Blaugrana.

« Obviously it dates from 2016 and Umtiti was certainly promising … But from there to consider him as a future Beckenbauer, it is ridiculous limit, wrote Didier Roustan on Twitter. Abidal is not fully aware of the level of the Poor Kaiser. “Enough to annoy Antoine Griezmann, Samuel Umtiti’s former teammate at Barça and in the France team who reminded him of a memory of the 2018 World Cup. More precisely of the semi-final won against Belgium (1- 0) thanks to the head of the ex-Lyonnais.

“As if you were compared to Maradona”

« Didier, without Sam there is no second star, recalled the striker of Atletico Madrid on the social network. Samu has been in great shape for a year, but then there’s the choice of coaches! An irreproachable pro! An example for all young French central offices! But the journalist did not stop there. ” Ah but Antoine I do not question the talent of Umtiti, it is just the comparison which does not make sense. It’s as if we compared you to Maradona, you can be a great player but that would be more than daring, right? Well, it’s the same here », Replied Didier Roustan, while the Madrilenian preferred to interrupt the discussion.

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