Escape Game Awards 2022: our test of the Magician of Paris, the bewitching escape game at Deep Inside

By Laurent P. Published on June 14, 2022 at 2:32 p.m.

Do you like magic tricks? You’ll love Le Magicien de Paris, escape game at Deep Inside, a brand in the 19th arrondissement, which immerses you in the workshop of a most curious magician. An experience combining escape game and immersive theater to discover with family or friends. A room that also won the prize for best game and best decor at the Escape Game Awards 2022. We tested, we tell you!

Fancy a escape room what changes from the usual? Direction Deep Inside, a brand located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris which has one of the most unusual features: being located 30 meters underground. A place conducive to all mysteries, ideal for practicing certain occult and other sciences Magic trick prohibited, like the “Magician of Paris“! It is to this character from the imagination of the creators of the establishment that a room is dedicated, inviting you to discover his creative workshop.

The pitch of this room should arouse your curiosity: “magicians have the mission to surprise us with their great spectacular illusions, this is the case of the well-known Magicien de Paris. During the day he performs exceptional tricks, but when he returns to his creative workshop, he practices much more experimental magic… His latest creation is rather disturbing, it turns out to be so powerful. If no one tries to steal it from him, he could cause a lot of damage. You will have to be as creative as him to succeed in lifting the veil on this too well-kept secret.“.

Le Magicien de Paris, the bewitching escape game at Deep InsideLe Magicien de Paris, the bewitching escape game at Deep InsideLe Magicien de Paris, the bewitching escape game at Deep Inside

A escape room which is actually a little more than that… And for good reason: here, there is no stopwatch! You have more or less 70 minutes to complete the adventure, since no failure is possible. The goal: to be able to fully enjoy the experience! A escape game which also adds touches of immersive theaterwith several actors that you will meet during your adventure, as well as an unexpected twist that you will discover!

And an experience that we were even able to test. And the immersion is there, much more than in a escape room classic. We particularly appreciate the decoration, made by the Artigo workshops (those behind the magnificent Titanic room, at Majestic Escape Game), very advanced, for an even more intense immersion. We also appreciate the special effects, which are quite nice and make everything very coherent. As for the puzzles, these are slightly less challenging, to be able to better enjoy the experience, and really live the immersion of this adventure. And expect several little surprises during your game, they are really worth the detour!

Also note that the adventure takes place in a space of more than 70m2, which still leaves you enough to move. You should also know that no particular level is required, whether you are a beginner or not, since the experience offers you more search and manipulation than reflection. A great experience to discover with family or friends, for all lovers of magic and sleight of hand. And icing on the cake: the room won the prize for the best game and the best decor at the Escape Game Awards 2022 ! Are we booking your session, friends?

This test was carried out as part of a professional invitation. If your experience differs from ours, please let us know in the comments.

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