Eros Ramazzotti: Eros Ramazzotti makes common cause with ex-wife Michelle

Eros Ramazzotti
Ex-wife Michelle Hunziker makes a surprise appearance in a new video

Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti

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For the video for Eros Ramazzotti’s new single “AMA”, ex-wife Michelle Hunziker threw herself into a tight two-parter – a collaboration that daughter Aurora is also happy about.

In January 2022, Michelle Hunziker, 45, and Tomaso Trussardi, 39, announced their love after seven years of marriage. Shortly thereafter, Italian media and fans hoped for a love comeback with Eros Ramazzotti, 58. There was even a kiss in front of an audience of millions. Now the former couple is doing something together – for Eros’ new music video, and it’s getting pretty hot…

Eros Ramazzotti: Michelle Hunziker poses for her ex

The separation of presenter Michelle Hunziker and cuddly singer Eros was 20 years ago, but Italy is still hoping for a comeback of the dream couple. Their daughter Aurora Ramazzotti, 25, connects the two to this day. Even after the separation from Trussardi, the Italian music star only had loving words for his ex-wife.

“I’m there for her and will always be there for her,” he clarified in an interview with the Italian newspaper “Oggi”, but in the same breath takes away any hope from fans: “The rumors that are circulating about my hypothetical return with Michelle, do not correspond to reality. There was no sentimental reunion or rediscovered passion between me and the mother of my beloved Aurora.”

But one thing is certain: the former dream couple still gets along brilliantly – so much so that Michelle Hunziker surprisingly appears in the video for his new single “AMA”. Aurora is also part of the party.

Love rumors really passé?

Mother and daughter dance lasciviously in front of the camera. Both wear a twin look consisting of cat-eye sunglasses, a black suit and a white shirt. Taking to Instagram, Aurora shared impressions from the set, including the meaningful lines: “Love is – really – the only thing that matters. I have to thank them both for teaching me this.” If Eros Ramazzotti had not previously denied rumors of love, the rumor mill would probably start to boil again.

Ramazzotti’s new single is also about love. Among other things, he sings: “You can’t lock these feelings in a cage”, words that Michelle also shares with a video on Instagram. Your followers are over the moon, handing out flame emojis, red hearts and writing “great message” among other things.

A user may suspect more behind the collaboration and says: “Nice to see you both together. Exciting. Love transforms.” But maybe it’s also Eros’ way of celebrating family unity.

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