Erol Sander + Caroline Goddet: They managed their love comeback without couple therapy

Erol Sander has been playing the role of the charming woman whisperer on TV for decades. He has been with his own for 26 years – with one short break. The actor and the French woman were separated for two years. In a new issue of GALA on TV, the TV star explains why the two of them have never sought couples therapy and why they are now living a love at a distance.

Erol Sander, 53, has probably already broken several viewers’ hearts during his career as an actor. The Turkish-German, born Urçun Salihoğlu in Istanbul, is outrageously handsome and embodies the perfect on-screen gentleman. In his private life he has been happy with Frenchwoman Caroline Goddet for over 20 years and they have sons Marlon and Elyas together.

Erol Sander on the compatibility of relationship and work: “It has to be a team”

Balancing family and work hasn’t always been easy for the busy TV star and niece of American director Oliver Stone, 75. Nevertheless, the couple found a way over time: “It has to be a team, it has to work a little like clockwork, even if it sounds so mechanical,” says Sander. “And it also includes sacrifice and always being ready. We have children, we have responsibilities.”

Love comeback without professional help

Perhaps that’s the mental attitude that brought the couple back together in early 2020 after a break-up of over two years. No one would have really expected that, as the relationship ended at times in public, similar to a war of roses. But love triumphed and apparently experienced a flourishing renaissance – and without any professional help.

couples therapy? Nothing for Sander, as he assures GALA presenter Annika Lau: “No, we didn’t need them. So, I’ll give you some advice: go to the family, settle it with the family! Sorry to all couple counselors, but you give yourself yes, in the hands of a person you really don’t know. Maybe he’s not even on the same road from you, on the same train of thought or experience.”

Erol apparently has the best contact point in his own environment: “I think parents are the best couples counselors, in my opinion.”

Anchor after the crisis: His mother is his confidant

The “Murder Commission Istanbul” star has a close confidante in his mother. Together with her and his sister, he moved from his Turkish hometown to Munich in Bavaria in 1973 at the age of four. After the death of the father, the mother had to take care of her children without male support.

“It’s always difficult when you grow up alone with a single mother,” Erol recalls. “Mother has to fulfill the tasks of father and mother. Somehow you get stuck somewhere in half. For a child it’s like this: you need a dad. You need a bit of discipline, a bit of rigor in life. If you always it just goes through like that, then it’s not so good.”

Nevertheless, Erol doesn’t let anything come to his mother: “She did her best. She insisted that I finish my school, which I didn’t want. At that age, 16-17 years old, I don’t feel like it at all I had my high school diploma, but I still managed to do it for her! With oh and noisy, just about made it. And yes, she worked in the Hofbräuhaus, carried beer, was a seamstress, did everything to ensure that we got a good education. I’m mine Very grateful to Mom who helped me find my way into life.”

Today he is a father himself and tries to implement everything that he learned from his mother, but also what he missed after losing his own father. The well-being of his children and that of Caroline is a priority. Maybe that’s why Erol decided to take an unconventional step.

Erol and Caroline live a new living model

“We’re in a long-distance relationship now,” he reveals. And that also has to do with the luck of one of his offspring. Son Marlon studies in Paris. “I wanted to rent him an apartment and it’s so expensive there. And then I said: ‘Ok, before we spend so much money, let’s buy an apartment.'” Luck was apparently on his side and he soon found himself Friends a place to stay for the son.

However, the actor had not reckoned with the unexpected spontaneity of his loved one. “Now Caro and the little one say: ‘I also want to go to Paris, I also want to go to Paris’ – because the in-laws live right around the corner. And now I always fly either to Starnberg or to Paris.” A love at a distance that could make you jealous!

Did you miss the GALA broadcast on August 6, 2022? You can find the entire interview with Erol Sander at any time on RTL+.

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