Ernest and Celestine, the trip to Charabïe, a wonderful tale: review and trailer

By Nathanaël B., Cécile D. Published on November 24, 2022 at 4:08 p.m.

Ernest and Célestine embark on a great journey to Charabïe, Ernest’s native land, in this brilliant sequel. The two heroes await us at the cinema from December 14, 2022 for a beautiful epic around music and friendship.

They’re back at the movies! Ernest and Celestine invite us to join them in their new poetic and humorous journey, from the December 14, 2022. The two friends decide to go to charabie to have Ernest’s violin repaired. But their journey could well be strewn with pitfalls, and hold many surprises for them…

Trailer ofErnest and Célestine, the trip to Charabïe

Ten years after the first award-winning film (among others) at the Cannes film festival and to the Caesars, Ernest and Celestine return in a new feature film that mixes music and friendship, in colorful, fine and delicate designs, which still make us dream so much.

Lambert Wilson and Pauline Brunner double the two friends again, while Jean-Christophe Roger and Julien Chheng realize this poetic tale and refreshing. A little gem that should once again appeal to children like their parents.

The synopsis ofErnest and Célestine, the trip to Charabïe

Ernest and Célestine return to Ernest’s country, La Charabïe, to have his precious broken violin repaired. They then discover that music has been banned throughout the country for several years. For our two heroes, it is unthinkable to live without music! Accompanied by accomplices, including a mysterious masked vigilante, Ernest and Célestine will try to repair this injustice in order to bring joy back to bear country.

Our opinion

What a joy to find Ernest and Célestine, ten years after the brilliant first part. As in any good sequel, it’s time for our heroes to lead a great journey to live new adventures, and the destination of this journey will cause a real earthquake in the friendship of the grumpy bear and the playful mouse.

This Voyage en Charabïe is the perfect opportunity to see a very nice family story during these Christmas vacation ! As successful as its predecessor, it will delight children and will not leave parents in the lurch. Because yes, Ernest and Celestine is not just a children’s movie, it’s a great tale about friendship and the importance of art. Served by a magnificent animation, it will undoubtedly appeal to all ages. Moreover, the feature film is visually impressive, Charabïe is a city with very imaginative decorations. Built high up, Ernest’s home town is littered with cable cars, signs of all kinds and small crazy houses. The attention to detail in the depicted universe is very nice to see, as this is not often the case with films for toddlers. Because yes, Ernest and Celestine, The Journey to Charabïe is available from 3 years old.

In which theaters near me is the film screened? Ernest and Celestine, the Journey to Charabie ?

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