“Ernani” premiered on the stage of the Opera in the Summer Theater – Varna 2022

State Opera – Varna premieres on August 6 his performance “Ernani” by Giuseppe Verdi. The event is part of the “Opera in the Summer Theater” festival and starts at 9:00 p.m.

The conductor interpretation in the latest Varna production of “Ernani” is by maestro Grigor Palikarov, one of the greatest contemporary conductors with international recognition, permanent guest conductor of the Varna State Opera. The director of the National Opera and Ballet of the Republic of Macedonia, Deyan Proshev, who has already performed several times on the Varna stage, is invited to do his first reading of “Ernani”. The author of the scenography and costumes of the soloists is Denis Ivanov, the rest of the costumes are the work of Lora Marinova and Maria Trendafilova. Ernani’s choreography is performed by Svetlana Tonsheva, ballet master of the Varna State Opera.

Director Deyan Proshev emphasizes that the presence of “Ernani” in the poster of an opera theater speaks of its high level. Daniela Dimova, director of the Varna Theatrical and Musical Production Center, discussed the possibility of showing the show on the stage of the National Opera and Ballet of the Republic of North Macedonia as soon as possible.

The success of the production is guaranteed by the qualities of the great tenor Ivan Momirov, who has an international career. The director is of the opinion that the role of Ernani seems to have been written for him.

“Ernani” was the title that I really missed, I’m glad that the time has finally come, because I believe that every role comes at the right time,” says the tenor. He highlights the romanticism in his character and compares him to Goethe’s Werther.

“With the literary prototype created in a period of great upheaval, Hugo offers a new type of plot in which honor, dignity and love are supreme law placed above personal happiness. Hernani is not just an avenger, he embodies the ideas of Hugo and Verdi for a new worldview, for ideals that will always excite humanity,” says the singer, adding that Hernani is played by the best performers on the French stage – at the Gérard Philippe theater and Jean Marais, and in the opera – Franco Corelli and Mario del Monaco. He extends an invitation to the premiere to the entire Francophone community and to fans of this culture as a graduate of the French High School in Varna.

At the conductor’s desk of “Ernani” stands Maestro Grigor Palikarov, who is happy that after more than 10 years of interruption, the State Opera – Varna is again presenting to the audience this title, which is not often present on the Bulgarian opera scene, but can be found in the posters at all major opera houses around the world. He notes that Verdi’s early music drama is a challenge for the conductor and the soloists because there are long beautiful musical episodes, but while everything is going smoothly, suddenly the situation changes abruptly.

Grigor Palikarov

Really very good voices are needed and such were found for the production in the person of Ivan Momirov – Ernani, Susana Brankini – Elvira, Deyan Vachkov – Gomez da Silva and Plamen Dimitrov – Don Carlos. Their characters form the love triangle in the plot of Francesco Maria Piave’s libretto, which follows Victor Hugo’s drama of the same name.

Susanna Brankini

Ivan Momirov

Deyan Vachkov

Plamen Dimitrov

The premiere of “Ernani” at the State Opera – Varna is dedicated to maestro Borislav Ivanov – director, artistic director, mentor and creator, who devoted a large part of his life and work to the opera theater in his hometown, a person with enormous merit for modern opera art . He would have turned 91 this August.

Borislav Ivanov

“Ernani” is considered an opera of honor. The principles of the romantic theater are laid down in the opera, with its brightly colored, complex and often contradictory characters. Giuseppe Verdi composed the opera based on the libretto by Francesco Maria Piave, which follows the plot of Victor Hugo’s drama of the same name. The chosen one of the beautiful Elvira is the rebel Hernani, who is actually a nobleman, but she is engaged to Gomez da Silva – her uncle, and the King of Spain, Don Carlos, claims her heart.

In the love triangle, passions rage, the characters fight for their love but also for their honor, and Verdi gives brilliant musical expression to this complex emotional knot.

First performed on March 9, 1844 in Venice, the opera “Ernani” became one of the pearls of the great composer’s work. In the 75-year history of the Varna State Opera, the production of “Ernani” 2022 is the fourth in a row, after the stage realizations in 1960, 1989 and 2010.

Choir conductor Tsvetan Krumov

Poster Slavyana Ivanova


ERNANI – Ivan Momirov

ELVIRA – Susanna Brankini

GOMEZ DA SILVA – Deyan Vachkov

DON CARLOS – Plamen Dimitrov

DON RICARDO – Plamen Raikov

IAGO – Petar Petrov

GIOVANNA – Blessed Cloth

Soloists, orchestra, choir and ballet of the Varna State Opera

Concertmaster Krasimir Shterev. Assistant directors: Dimitar Levicharov, Radinela Vasileva. Accompanists: Zhaneta Benun, Vesselina Marinova, Sosi Chifchiyan, Ruslan Pavlov. Prompter Dimitar Furnadzhiev.

The title photo is from the 2010 production of Ernanidirected by Kuzman Popov.

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