Erika Schneider talks about Sarah Andrade’s apology: ‘I was very disappointed’

Erika Schneider was the guest of PodDarPradopodcast by influencer Gabi Prado on Youtube, this Thursday (22/09). In the chat, the reporter talked about her relationship with the businessman Vitor Peres and disagreement with Sarah Andrade.

For those who don’t remember, the ex-BBB published a video on Instagram Stories where she filmed some oxen, telling Bil Araújo that he had found his family. Gabi asked Erika what she thought of the influencer’s insinuation.

“I thought it was ugly. When I saw it, the first thing I did was send her a message on Direct and WhatsApp: ‘Sarah, what do you mean? You know how the internet is. You know it wasn’t that. understand. Being a woman, knowing how it was and being friends with both of them….I always had a lot of affection and admiration for Sarah. I was very disappointed”, she declared.

Erika said that when she confronted Sarah about the video, she said it was a joke, but didn’t delete the video. “Then I got really angry, because she knows the weight of the Internet, she knows the machismo we live. Put me as a person who betrays. She knows there was no betrayal. So much so that she came to apologize to me later when we met” , complete.

Gabi then recalls that Álvaro Xaro filmed the moment, which happened this weekend. The presenter also asked if they got it right.

“We talked and everything is fine. I’ve always admired and liked Sarah a lot. I find it annoying to see each other at events and not greet each other. Despite that (the insinuation), I’m not angry, I have nothing against her”, highlights.

In the chat, Erika also talked about her relationship with Victor Peres. They broke up in 2020, after nearly three years together, and recently got back together.

“We met again and got back together. He’s a person I respect, admire and like. The future belongs to God. We don’t know what’s going to happen (if they’re going to have a more serious relationship). live”, he commented.

The ex-Fazenda made a point of saying that she only got back in touch with the businessman after she ended her relationship with Bil Araújo. “They said I betrayed Bil, because I went back to him. But there was never any betrayal. I don’t betray Bil”, she said. She pointed out that she has never cheated on a boyfriend. “If you’re not happy with a person, break up, because you’re not going to cheat on them, you’re going to cheat on yourself”, she pointed out.

Gabi asked Erika about the reasons for breaking up with the ex-BBB. “It’s over. I don’t wish him any harm. I want him to be happy, to move on with his life. These are different moments in life. He has a lot to learn, like me. It’s over. Page turned. I’m not one to hold grudges. go on with his life.” The presenter asks Faustão’s former dancer if she would be friends with the ex. “Not yet. A lot has happened. I need my time,” she added.

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