Erika Schneider “breaks the web” by posing in a bikini from Brazil: “It’s a plane”

The reporter and dancer Erika Schneideraged 31, caused quite a stir on Instagram 一 where she has more than 2.7 million followers 一 by posting photos in which she appears wearing a bikini from Brazil.

By sharing the photos, the businesswoman took the opportunity to campaign:

“In Qatar, you cannot go to the beach in a bikini. This, incidentally, is the least, in a country that oppresses women and other minorities. Unfortunately, the Cup is there. Could we boycott? Yes, but it wouldn’t change anything. So let’s get in the mood and cheer a lot for our country. After all, our Brazil does combine with joy. Go Brasilllll!”, captioned it.

When they saw the post, many people commented and praised: “Friend, you are a plane”, said Brenda Paixão. “What a wonderful woman,” agreed Sthe. Former BBB Amanda Gontijo also posted: “Wow, what a cat”.

In addition to Giovanna Lancellotti, several other celebrities, influencers and content creators for the OnlyFans (see below) joined the fashion for the World Cup bikini, with the colors of the Brazilian flag.

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