Erika Schneider and Bil Araujo separate after two months of dating. Know the reason!

After two months of relationship, Erika Schneider and Bil Araujo have split for good. According to columnist Leo Dias, from “Metrópoles”, the couple even tried, but failed to maintain a relationship.

Also according to the columnist, the two broke up for constantly bickering. Bil and Erika weren’t getting along like they used to. The constant disagreements took their toll and they decided to take different paths. However, despite the fights, the breakup was amicable. For the couple’s close friends, there is no chance of reconciliation.

Erika Schneider and Bil Araujo experienced crisis during dating

Erika and Bil started a romance after participating in “The Farm 13”. The first separation took place on May 8. Then Bil and Erika got back together on the 23rd at Rico Melquíades’ party. In this ocasion, records of the two together have fans of the couple excited about a possible comeback.

However, still according to Leo Dias, on May 27, Erika Schneider traveled to Miami, in the United States, to meet the Colombian player. James Rodriguez. The two lived an affair in 2021. At the time, Erika watched some games of the Colombian national team wearing James’ shirt.

In contact with Bil Araújo, the Leo Dias column reported that the ex-pawn was not aware of Erika’s meeting with James. Still according to the columnist, neither friends and even Erika’s team wasn’t aware of the influencer’s “business” trip.

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