Erik Buell’s Futuristic FUELL Flow Electric Motorcycle Finally Available For Pre-Order

Presented in May 2019, the motorbikemotorbike electric FUELL Flow had been forgotten. The pandemicpandemic has put a big brake on the project which has not yet been abandoned. The manufacturer, led by Erik Buell, has just announced that it is opening reservations for this electric motorcycle for a deposit of $200. FUEL (acronym for freedom, urban, love, life) aims at least 3,000 pre-orders to be able to start a crowdfunding campaign to start production. Suffice to say that the first copies are not about to leave the assembly lines…

Let’s hope that the FUELL Flow will indeed see the light of day because it has real arguments. Starting with his stylestyle unique that recalls the models that shaped the legend of Buell (a brand founded by Erik Buell in the 1980s which was later acquired by Harley-Davidson).

Intended for urban use, the FUELL Flow is available in two engines of 11 and 35 kilowatts delivering 15 and 48 horsepower respectively. The motor is housed in the rear hub, which causes no loss of transmission. We find the inverted fork that Buell was the first to introduce on production motorcycles.

The most powerful version announces a torque of 750 Nm which promises great sensations. Fuell announces 2.7 seconds for the 0 to 100 km/h and a speedspeed maximum of 137 km/h. L’autonomyautonomy of the 10 kWh (400 V) battery is 240 km, with a fast chargefast charge in 30 minutes. The fake gas tank hides a 50-litre trunk that can accommodate a full-face helmet. The FUELL Flow 11 kW costs 11,995 euros and it is currently the only version available for pre-order.

Questioned on its site by a consumer as to the availability in France, FUELL replied that the electric motorcycle could be purchased and delivered anywhere in France and that a partnership with Cyclofix had been concluded for after-sales service. sale.

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