Eric Zemmour in a relationship with Sarah Knafo, he finally formalizes

Eric Zemmour

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Eric Zemmour has just formalized his relationship with Sarah Knafo. All the details in this article.

After weeks and weeks of leaving doubt about his candidacy for the next presidential election, Eric Zemmour has finally made it official. And since then, he has never stopped talking about him. And for some time, it is not only for his ideas that he is making the buzz … It turns out that in Paris Match, photos of him and Sarah Knafo, his collaborator, were unveiled. In these pictures, they were bathing and they were both very close. In the process, Closer affirms that the young woman is pregnant with Eric Zemmour. If he lodged a complaint against the newspaper, the candidate never mentioned his relationship with Sarah Knafo … But things have changed !

Eric Zemmour – Credit (s): getty images

Guest on BFM’s Twitch channel last night to take part in the show, Facing BFM, Eric Zemmour formalized his relationship with Sarah Knafo. And this, for the very first time since rumors circulated about them. He declares that the young woman is: “his collaborator, his companion”. He then adds: “There would have been no campaign without Sarah Knafo”. On the other hand, Eric Zemmour made a point of recalling that this is all part of his private life. He explains : “There is no first lady in the institutions of the Fifth Republic, so people don’t have to know. My private life is my private life.” At least things are clear…

Eric Zemmour does not want to expose his private life

In the process, Eric Zemmour then said: “I gradually resolve the problems that my private life poses to me, I do not have to explain myself, I always refuse to answer these questions, I attack the newspapers (…) I tried to be as sincere as possible. After that, you never know where to stop … You never know where to draw the line, because there is bound to be a limit. You have to respect people’s privacy. “ Now that things are formalized, he shouldn’t be talking about his relationship with Sarah Knafo anymore.

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