Eric stand firm: that’s why his family is in the jungle

Eric Stehfest (32) explains. The former GZSZ actor is part of this year’s jungle camp season. Each of the candidates is allowed to bring an accompanying person to South Africa. But the actor was allowed to take his whole family with him – his wife Edith and their two kids. There is a very specific reason for this: Staying in South Africa is the start of a new life for Eric and his loved ones.

In his Instagram story, he now also told why. Edith was raped when she was 17. The perpetrator was actually convicted years ago, but he appealed, so the case was re-examined. A difficult time for the family: “It’s about Edith’s rape trial. It’s over. It’s done.”, revealed Eric his community happy.

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The tattoo lover therefore wanted to have his closest around him at precisely that point in time. So could Eric, Edith and their offspring start their new life together. “It’s such an intense experience for me”, Edith beamed into the camera while she was enjoying nature.

Edith and Eric stand up with their son Aaron
Edith and Eric Stehfest in June 2020

Instagram / edithstehfest

Edith and Eric Stehfest in June 2020
Edith and Eric Stehfest at the premiere of "9 Days Awake" in Berlin

Georg Wenzel / ActionPress

Edith and Eric Stehfest at the premiere of “9 Days Awake” in Berlin

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