Eric Serra, in remission from a dazzling cancer: "I spent the most trying six months of my life"

Eric Serra, composer of the cult film soundtrack, The big Blueis in remission from a “dazzling” cancer, he revealed this Wednesday to the site The Parisian (source 1).

“I had a small bowel lymphoma. It’s lymph node cancer. He was quite dazzling, explains the 62-year-old musician. Within a few days, if I hadn’t noticed it, I might not be here to tell you about it.”

He explains in particular that he received an experimental treatment against his cancer. “The first few days were a bit terrifying. There were extremely perilous moments. I could have stayed there. But after a few days, we saw that I was not dead, that it was working “, he recalls.

A flawless complicity with Florent Pagny

What helped him during his treatment was to have “talked a lot about it” with Florent Pagny, also treated for a cancerous tumor in the lung.

“We exchanged little messages, we called each other, says Eric Serra. Casually, this complicity did me a lot of good, and I imagine that to him too. […] We were talking about chemo, how we felt“. “We healed in parallel, he adds. Florent is particularly positive.”

“I lived completely cloistered for five months”

The composer confided that he had to live in seclusion for many months due to the Covid-19 epidemic. “This specific cancer is the only one that is 100% incompatible with Covid-19. If you ever catch it before the end of the treatment, you have very little chance of getting out of it.“, had announced to him one of his doctors.

Father of two high school girls, he therefore had to confine himself to his home: “A few days later, my daughter had the Covid. I lived for five months (…) cloistered, completely. I did not approach my children within 3 meters”, he recalls. After having managed to avoid contamination which could have been fatal to him, he still caught the coronavirus during his vacation, once recovered from his cancer.

Soon the return of his film-concert tour

With this vital energy, the composer announced that he would soon resume his film-concert tour of the soundtrack of Big Blue. After 5 guaranteed dates in 2020, the pandemic and his cancer made him postpone the recovery until September 2022.

It’s a return to life, to what I love, in the most beautiful conditions, enthuses Eric Serra. It’s both extremely exciting and mysterious.” And to add: “I found myself so low psychologically. I’m going to go from one extreme to the other… In a month!”.

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