Eri Johnson remembers Pelé’s participation in O Clone and talks about old age: “I don’t think about age”

Eri Johnson, 61, said that to this day he is greeted on the streets because of his role in O Clone, that is not ar no Worth seeing again for the second time.

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“When The Clone is on, I go out on the streets and people stop me to talk about scenes or the chapter they saw the day before, which I don’t even know which is anymore. I think a good part of that merit, in addition to the wonderful cast, belongs to Gloria Perez, who writes themes that are always current. Clone could very well be a modern-day soap opera”, he said, to the column by Patrícia Kogut, of the newspaper O Globo.

In the story, Eri gives life to Light, mechanic friend of Fox (Guilherme Karam), who died in 2016.

“I get emotional to review these sequences with Karam. He was a very friendly and generous actor. One of the rare ones who thinks first of the scene, not himself. I remember that we texted and sometimes exchanged lines. For example, if he had one, but he thought it would be better with me, he would pass it on to me”, he explained.

Pele’s Participation

To the publication, the actor told that he was thrilled to be able to share the cameras with former player Pelé, who participated in the attraction:

“It was something extremely emotional. He, even being the legend that he is, was such humility with the whole team. As soon as we finished recording, he invited me to dinner and of course I accepted. We stayed up late into the night talking,” he recalled.

Old age

Currently 61 years old, Eri also said that he doesn’t worry about getting old:

“I try to live my life the best way possible every time. I don’t think about age or if I’m getting old. We have to take advantage of the moment, because I never knew of anyone who came back from there and said it was incredible, that it was worth dying for”, he concluded.

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