Eredivisie for women will belong to the professional football department

The Eredivisie for women will belong to the professional football department, writes de Volkskrant. Until now, women’s football fell under amateur football, but that will probably change this year.

UEFA obliges clubs that participate in European tournaments to also invest in women’s football in the future. Marianne van Leeuwen, director of professional football at the KNVB, sees UEFA pushing in that direction. ‘We do that too, with one goal: to raise women’s football to a higher level.’

In recent months, an internal working group of the KNVB has looked at the consequences of this change. ‘Administrative responsibility for women will probably pass from amateurs to professional football after the association meeting on 21 December.’ Van Leeuwen acknowledges that women’s football has grown strongly. ‘We could also have waited, because the men’s department is still dominant at most clubs. You have to be that honest. But we still thought this was the right time.’

‘It has really become part of the BVOs’

According to van Leeuwen, the professional clubs in the Netherlands, which have a women’s team, are taking women’s football more and more seriously. ‘It has also really become part of the BVOs (Paid Football Organisation, ed.). There are still differences, for example in licensing requirements, how many players must be under contract and things like that.’

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