Equalizer 3: plot details of the film with Denzel Washington revealed

After making news for a dark story of cocaine being seized during production, “Equalizer 3” unravels a little more with some plot and casting details revealed.

Robert McCall, la dolce vita?

We recently had wind of an unfortunate incident on the set of the third opus of the saga Equalizer, which is currently taking place in Italy under the direction of Antoine Fuqua. One dead and a substantial seizure of cocaine involving Italian on-site catering employees who made some headlines in Italy and the United States and sparked curiosity aboutEqualizer 3.

Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) – Equalizer©Sony Pictures

The more recent news is happier, since we learn a little more about the place where the plot will take place, and about a new addition to the cast.

A plot located entirely in a small Italian town

It’s in an exclusive interview given to Page Six by Eugenio Mastrandrea, Italian actor revealed by the melodramatic mini-series The taste of life, that we learn that the plot of the film will take place entirely in a small town on the Amalfi Coast. If the film’s story proves to be authentic as to where it is shot, then that would be the town of Maiori. Besides, it would seem that Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) has a lot to do with the local population.

No need to investigate too much to understand that the vigilante will most likely face the local mafia, namely the Camorra, particularly established in all strata of society.

Really bad things are happening and they involve everyone in town. And the story takes place entirely in this small town.

Lino (Eugenio Mastrandrea) - The Taste of Life
Lino (Eugenio Mastrandrea) – The Taste of Life ©Netflix

A policeman embodied by a Netflix revelation

Other information, an Italian policeman will animate the plot ofEqualizer 3. A character interpreted by Eugenio Mastrandrea, who finds there a potentially very promising role for the rest of his career. After Zoe Saldana in The taste of life, he will therefore give the reply to Denzel Washington. We have seen worse as play partners … The Italian actor also says to himself impressed about this collaboration. He joins the star of the film as well as Dakota Fanning, Gaia Scodellaro and David Denman in the cast.

I play Maresciallo, the rifleman who is the local police chief of the town where Robert McCall arrives. (…) Denzel Washington is Mr. Denzel Washington so what can I say… It’s great to see him working. Three days ago, we were shooting and I was off camera but in his field of vision, so I had him right in front of me, they were filming a close shot and I found myself staring at him with wide eyes.. .

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