Envelope with a bullet to the magistrate of Turin who accuses Cospito: the signature of the anarchists

An envelope with a bullet and the ‘A’ of anarchy traced on the sheet: an easily interpretable message, the one delivered about ten days ago to the Attorney General of Turin, Francis Saluzzo. The magistrate, together with the prosecutor Paolo Scaficlaims the prosecution al process in the Court of Assizes of Appeal of Turin against the anarchist Alfred Cospitoimprisoned under the regime of hard prisonand for which thelife sentence and 12 months of daytime isolation for the attack on the Carabinieri school of ditchin the Cuneo area, in 2005. The investigations into the bullet sent to the Attorney General Saluzzo are conducted by Digos of Turin and coordinated by prosecutor of Milancompetent for facts involving Turin magistrates.

A month ago, in the second appeal trial of Cospito and his partner Anna Benjamin for the reformulation of the sentence, the judges decided to send the documents to the Constitutional Courtwelcoming the question of legitimacy on the attenuating factor for the “tenuity of fact”not having been there victims neither woundedwith respect to the crime of political massacreproposed for Cospito and Bienamino, after the request of the Cassation to reformulate the penalty because the fact would not be classifiable as “common massacre”a crime for which the two were sentenced for the first time on appeal to 20 and 16 years in prison.

TO October Cospito started it hunger strike to contest the application of the 41-bis regime decided during 2022 because during his detention (the anarchist is also serving a sentence for the legs of the manager of Ansaldo, Roberto Adinolfi) sent, as explained by the then Minister of Justice Martha Cartabia“numerous messages” to “anarchist comrades” who have been “explicitly invited to continue the struggle against the domain, particularly with violent means considered more effective. In recent days, 38 jurists And intellectuals they signed an appeal to ask the minister Charles Nordio and to the government to stop the harsh prison for Cospito which would be a “one step away from death” having lost 35 kilos and being in shortage of potassium necessary for the proper functioning of involuntary muscles including the heart.

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