Enrico Montesano furious: “Why didn’t they cut those stills since they judged them horrible? Wild Lucarelli? What she said on Saturday is revealing”

“That’s the case with a mass distraction T-shirt. Media lynching is not pleasant at all. I feel offended and defamed. Over the years I have accepted criticism, even sometimes quite heavy, for my positions. But don’t call me nostalgic for fascism, I’m repeating this to the sender. They have to apologize to me“, Henry Montesano breaks the silence. The comedian was kicked out of Rai after showing up at the rehearsals for “Dancing with the Stars” with a t-shirt from Tenth Mas, Assault Department of the Fascist Navy. The competitor has choices to defend himself from a legal point of view by relying on the lawyer Giorgio Assumma.

Montesano recalls his political history: “They say I’m close to the right and they associate me with the Ventennio? I am close to myself. A free, democratic man, respectful of the laws and of the Italian Republic. Just inquire. I contributed to the election of Rutelli in Rome – I brought many votes – and with the PDS I was also elected – even then I took many votes – to the European Parliament. From which, I remind everyone, I resigned without waiting for the deadline that would have granted me an annuity, which I declined. In short, as it was once said, I was a man of the left. Right and left is old stuff ”, she declared in an interview with the newspaper“The truth“.

He clearly rules out having done it on purpose: “And what would I gain? To be bullshit for days and pass for fascism nostalgia? Nonsense. That shirt was in his closet together with that of Mao and Che Guevara and many others, some from football, someone from rugby. I wore it in a deserted rehearsal room where my teacher and I were. In those hours they wrote on the agenda that the cameras were off. In any case – adds Montesano – the cameras are forgotten after 6-7 hours of rehearsals. And then, given the fatigue, I changed several of the shirts every day, also to avoid ailments. That shirt has been selling in stores for years. It has a coat of arms which is also found on banners and pennants that parade on 2 June in the presence of the President of the Republic. There are photos that show Napolitano next to the symbol of the X Mas, a regular unit of the Navy. They gave it to me and I accepted it because I know the story. Unlike many who accuse me, who evidently ignore it.”

Twenty years of celebrations for Unity, Avanti!, electoral appointments regional, provincial and municipal to accompany deputies. You also rallies with Occhetto. Beautiful gratitude… All forgotten And now you associate me with fascism? I quietly point out that D’Annunzio wasn’t either, never took the card, because he was a socialist”, the actor continues his outburst, reiterating his distance from fascism: “My opinion? Is it still needed? My story speaks for itself. Listen: fascism is dead, communism is dead and we are not so well.”

Montesano reiterates that he has not committed any crimereturning to the uncut frames and broadcast on Saturday evenings on Rai1: “It must have been four or five frames, nothing more. I wonder why they left them and weren’t cut in edit since they think they are so awful and censorable. Or why, for example, they haven’t obscured the logo, given that if you wear any brand they immediately hide it with stickers so you don’t see it on TV. They are very attentive to everything, very good, those who work for the program. Nothing until the next morning. Nobody notices. Wild Lucarelli? I will not comment on the merits. The sentences spoken on Saturday night live are revealing.”

The actor received a letter from the production company Ballandi (“The modality was brutal, no civil dialogue”) and defined Rai’s decision “hasty” but hopes “that they will realize that there is the ‘non logo’ to proceed” recalling that he has not received even a response from the Anpi to whom he had asked to meet. Montesano also denies the rumors about a Roman salute behind the scenes: “This is the best! laughable! Absurd. Alessandra Tripoli, my dance teacher, has already denied. Exactly the opposite of what they want to pass off happened: I was joking during rehearsals, it was a dance step that ended with the arm raised, but I said to Alessandra: “No, we better not do this, it could be misunderstood” . And I closed my fist. The video clearly shows that things went my wayexplained the former contestant of the show Milly Carlucci.

Did they want to hit me for the positions expressed on the pandemic and vaccines? I don’t know, but it’s possible! I am a free man and therefore an uncomfortable character. Today there is also the hunt for alleged fascists. And maybe some internal war at Rai, it makes me think… I just want my image cleaned up of all this rubbish”, he concluded in the interview with “La Verità”.

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