Enraged woman tries to break into self-service local to cook her own hamburgers

In the commercial field it is usually believed that the “customer is always right”; however, on many occasions, diners show that this saying is not always the most accurate, as demonstrated by a woman from the USA who tried to get into a self-service. To what end? Cook your own burgers, time it was done trend in social networks What TikTok.

an unexpected reaction

The footage was posted on the Chinese platform by the user @greergreer who relates that at a certain moment the self-service employees of McDonald’s they were left without the supply of gloves, which is why they stopped responding to customer orders, for fear of generating health problems that affect both users and the establishment itself.

This upset a woman who decided that it would not be an inconvenience to have her favorite dish in the middle of the nightbecause he made the audacious decision to get into the kitchen, despite the fact that this is completely prohibited.

Determined to get her burger

The tiktokerwho is a worker at the aforementioned fast food chain, stated in the inserted description of the tape: “The lady climbs through the window of McDonald’s because we are not taking any more orders because we do not have gloves”which, until now, has been accumulating more than 684.9 thousand reproductions.

Suddenly, we see the woman climbing through the window to enter the kitchen of the establishment wearing heels and a short dressan impulsive action that caused the workers to scream as they back away, but after a while they begin to laugh.

What follows is that the woman assures that she is on her first day of training in McDonald’sso you need guidance in the process of preparing your own fast food.

Did you achieve your goal?

There are no images of her cooking, nor the tiktoker either confirmed or denied this, but users think that with no update video, he got what he wanted: “Finally, everyone laughs and there are no fights. It’s good to see people calm and relaxed, we all need to be understanding often”was one of the comments.

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