Enora Malagré "very cuckold" : the revelations of the former columnist of "TPMP" !

Iconic columnist of TPMPÉnora Malagré chose to leave Cyril Hanouna and the daily life of C8 in May 2017 to focus on other projects. So much so that she would no longer give any news to her ex-colleagues. Or rather, one of them. Indeed, Christophe Carrière recently revealed at Jordan de Luxe that he had no more news from the one who celebrates her 42nd birthday this Wednesday, July 20.

It must be said that the pretty blonde lives happy days in the arms of her new companion, Hugo, and also devotes herself to her other passion, writing. A new life that presents itself to the facilitator and that seems to fill her perfectly. Énora Malagré no longer worries when she is not at the side of her darling. To know if this one will deceive her or remain faithful. She has full confidence in him and that was not really the case when she was with DJ Cut Killer.

Bad experience

Indeed, on the set of TPMPshe made huge revelations about her relationship with the latter. “I wasn’t jealous but I became jealous. […] I was very cuckolded, very unhappy. It’s true that it’s not easy to be with someone who lives at night. You have to accept people as they are, you can’t change people”she revealed before giving examples of evenings she spent at the time: “It’s true that I was not an atomic bomb, but I was dancing alone suddenly. But really alone, we are behind the guy, in the VIP area, with a bottle, we dance drunk all evening. is pathetic”.

Jade, candidate of Beauty and her princes, also had a history with the famous DJ. On NRJ12she confirmed the words of Énora Malagré as our colleagues from Purepeople : “He’s not a Greek god! Which didn’t stop Enora from falling in love with him and having a very long relationship with him, despite the fact that she was deceived. I know that from reliable source and she knows it as much as I do”. All of that is now a thing of the past. The former columnist TPMP enjoys his new life and should not experience a similar situation with Hugo.

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