Enola Holmes 2 changes key fact about Sherlock Holmes

Enola Holmes 2, new Netflix movie with actress Millie Bobby Brown and actor Henry Cavill, is one of the most watched of the last week. The film is in the top 10 of streaming in Brazil, occupying the fifth position.

Bringing back a partnership between brothers, the feature film ended up changing an important fact about Sherlock Holmes.

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“Now a detective for hire, Enola Holmes takes on her first official case to find a missing girl as the sparks of a dangerous conspiracy ignite a mystery that requires the help of friends – and Sherlock himself – to unravel,” reads the synopsis.

The cast includes Mille Bobby Brown, from Stranger Things, playing Enola, Henry Cavill as Sherlock, Helena Bonham Carter, David Thewlis, Louis Partridge, and other actors. Sam Claflin, the Mycroft Holmes from the first film, was left out.

Stamford was introduced but not in saga canon

Enola Holmes does not exist in the original Sherlock stories, so the detective and doctor, Dr. John Watson, are presented by Stamford.

At the beginning of the novel A Study in Red, Stamford encounters Watson, who has just returned from the Second Anglo-Afghan War, and is almost broke.

Both Watson and Sherlock need a roommate, and Stamford suggests that Sherlock could be Watson’s roommate.

Stamford introduces the pair, starting their great friendship and partnership, but the character ends up being left out of the rest of the original canon.

In Enola Holmes 2, who introduces Watson to Sherlock is Enola herself, as Stamford has become a forgotten character.

The sequel even improves upon the pair’s first date, breaking with the traditional way that once showed Watson meeting Sherlock while he was talking about criminal history.

In the film, the character meets Sherlock in his apartment and establishes the first unusual encounter between the two.

It’s unclear if Watson could appear in the future, should Enola Holmes 3 be announced by Netflix, or a Sherlock spin-off happens.

The war Watson was in ended in 1880, but the film also ended up changing the strike of women working in phosphorus industries.

Sherlock is even more popular in Enola Holmes 2, and after the second film, his partnership with Watson can finally begin.

Enola Holmes 2 is now available on Netflix🇧🇷

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