ENHYPEN curiosities to become a true ENGENE

ENHYPEN is one of the groups of the new generation that has stood out for its unique style and great charisma. If you don’t know much about them yet, this data will help you to get a hold of them. Do you want to know what curiosities they hide?

ENHYPEN debuted in 2020 and they have seven members in total, of which 3 are foreigners. If you want to become a true ENGENE, here are some curiosities of the group that you should know.

Facts you should know about ENHYPEN. // Source: Twitter @swthtsun

The boy group ENHYPEN is made up of Hee Seung, Jay, Jake, Sung Hoon, Sunoo, Jung Won, and Ni-Ki. Since their debut, they have drawn a lot of attention for their incredible talent and vocal mastery, as well as the visuals of their members. Are curiosities of the group you will love them.

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Curious facts about ENHYPEN that you may not have known about ENGENE

  • ENHYPEN’s name has a special meaning.

The name ENHYPEN means Connect, Discover and Progress. This is related to his desire to connect with his fans through his music. Did you know?

  • The members were cast on the survival show I-LAND.

The seven members were selected after participating in I-LANDobtaining the highest scores to be able to debut in the group.

  • What is the meaning of ENGENE?

ENGINE is the name that the fandom received has two very special meanings. One of them is ‘engines’ that drive ENHYPEN to achieve her goals. The second has to do with both, ensuring that ENHYPEN and ENGENE have the same DNA to connect, develop and grow together.

  • They debuted with the song Given-Taken.

They debuted on November 30, 2020 with the album Border: Day One, its title track was Given Takendo you remember her?

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  • KBS censored his Drunk-Dazed MV

The official Drunk-Dazes MV could not be broadcast on KBS channels because they did not consider the scenes of alcohol and drug use appropriate. Did you notice them in the MV?

  • ENHYPEN made an opening theme for an anime.

In 2021, ENHYPEN premiered the song in Japanese called Forget Me Not for the RE-MAIN anime.

  • With their debut album they sold more than 200 thousand copies in the first day.

Their debut was very well received and they sold more than 200 thousand copies in the first day. Border: Day One was a huge success, even being certified platinum for every copy it sold.

  • They won the New Leader Prize at The Fact Music Awards 2020.

In the year of their debut, the group won an important award at The Fact Music Awards, being considered the next leaders in K-Pop.

  • Bang Chan had a great impression of ENHYPEN at KCON.

bang chanthe leader of Stray Kids, confessed that during a KCON he was able to meet ENHYPEN and got a great impression of the young group, not only because of their talent and passion on stage, but also because of how kind and pleasant they were when talking.

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