english literature exam tips: English Tips: Do not make these mistakes in English exam at all, know the right way to prepare – english exam preparation tips and tricks

Entrance Exam English Tips: Now English is an important subject in almost all competitive exams. You will have to attempt questions from Dictionary, Grammar, Reading Skills in the English Language section. Most of the questions that come in the exam are not difficult, but sometimes these questions become the reason for failing the exam. However, if we clear our basic grammar rules with a little hard work, then this topic seems to be the easiest to us.

Basic knowledge is essential
Your basic should be strong to solve questions from English language in any competitive exam. You should have knowledge about Tense, Grammar, Sentence Formation, Direct-Indirect, Active-Passive, Noun-Pronoun and Article. If you have a thorough knowledge of all these, then you can solve English language questions in a good way and quickly. Questions from 10th and 12th level come in competitive exams.

prepare like this
For English, you should have knowledge of sentence formation and meaning of maximum English words. Most of the questions are asked in the form of Idioms, Proverbs, Jumbled Sentences and Synonyms and Antonyms, Common Mistakes, Paragraph, Correcting Sentences. Apart from this, it is very important for you to know the basics of Active-Passive, Parts of Speech very well. Therefore, prepare with the study material in such a way that you can solve the questions.
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Use good book for preparation
You will need very good material to prepare for English language. Keep in mind that only good knowledge of English cannot give you success in the exam. This requires practice, which you can do only from a good book. While you will have to work on reading skills, you will also have to strengthen your writing skills. After this your speaking skills will also be tested in the interview so your focus should be on that.

solve comprehension
Comprehension during the examination consists of finding answers to the questions given in one or two paragraphs of English sentences. These questions are not easy but curved. The easiest way to solve these is to go through the questions first. The advantage of this is that whenever you have questions related to comprehension, you will be able to solve them easily.

Revise daily
To prepare for the English language, remember one thing that you have to practice daily and study daily. By reading English language daily, your grip in the section will become stronger. Your knowledge of grammar will increase only when you know the difference between right and wrong, so practice English everyday.
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deeply engaged in English
If you want to score good marks in English language section then you have to feel deeply connected with this subject. Only then will you be able to know it better. For this, you start reading English newspaper every day, if you read English like a fun, then your interest will increase in it and you will be able to know this subject more closely.

focus on vocabulary
The vocabulary portion in the English Language Test consists of synonyms, one word, one word substitution, etc and you probably need to prepare them daily from multiple sources as you will not know which word will be asked in the test. The more you prepare and the more words you keep in your memory, the more likely you are to have questions about it.

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